• Office Hours

    If you have come to school to attend Office Hours, please be sure to enter the building by 8:40a.m.  Students arriving after this should wait until the 9:00 bell.

    Maple 6:  Wednesdays  8:15-9:00 a.m. (Owens, Renn, Gilday, Busch, McKenzie)

    Mrs. Coreson Wednesdays 3:45-4:45 p.m. 

    Doug Fir 6:  Wednesdays  8:15-9:00 a.m.

    7 AM:  Wednesdays  8:15-9:00 a.m.

    Doug Cedar 7: Wednesdays 8:15-9:00 a.m.

    Alder 8:   Wednesdays 8:15a.m.-9:00a.m.

    Cedar 8:   Wednesdays 8:15a.m.-9:00a.m.

    Spanish:     Wednesdays  8:30 – 9:00 a.m.

    French:  Wednesdays 8:30 - 9:00 a.m.

    Chinese: Wednesdays 8:30 – 9:00a.m.

    Students, please be sure to use these opportunities appropriately. Go directly to the classroom where you would like to receive help or finish your assignments. Do not wander around the building.

    Library: Monday-Friday 8:15a.m.-9:00a.m.

    No food or drink in the library, please.  This time is for quiet studying or reading.   If you arrive before 8:15 you should wait outside until it is time to sign in.