• Welcome to Mr. Daigle's 7th Grade Language Arts!
    Using reading and writing as a vehicle to expand our thinking and understanding of larger concepts, we will be focusing on the following essential questions this year:
    We're Going to Think Big
    • How does the world around me — my background, my experience, and my thoughts for the future — shape who I am and where I fit into my surroundings?
    • How do I honor another’s identity while maintaining my own?
    • What is community and what contributes to developing a community? How do I work with others to contribute to the whole community?
    • What creates and contributes to conflict among individuals and groups?
    • How does conflict lead to change?
    • How does culture define us?
    • How do I share my cultural beliefs with others while also accepting awareness of our differences?
    • What problem-solving strategies can individuals use to manage challenge, conflict, and change?
    • As I question and evaluate my own views, how do I accept and/or challenge the views of others?
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions at daiglej@wlwv.k12.or.us