• This is the place for all the nuts and bolts about Stober's World and 6th Grade Science
    In 6th Grade Science, we will be exploring the mechanisms involved in determining climate and weather. We will spend time investigating the relationship between temperature and pressure while expanding our understanding of the movement of air masses. In the winter, we will switch gears and begin looking into life sciences. Specifically, we will cover the nuances of the cell and understand its structure and function. In addition, we will build from there to learn about tissues and organ systems. We will finish off the year with some hand-on experiences in the realm of dissections. 
    Throughout the year, we will build skills in discussion and research techniques, scientific inquiry as well as engineering design. Ultimately, our goal will be to build critical thinking and curiosity and applying those to new paradigms (unfamiliar or new situations).
    My goal is for all of you to be successful so I will provide various pieces of information throughout this site. However, the biggest influence on your success is your mindset. You can approach life with a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. My hope is that you choose (yes, you do have control over this!) a growth mindset, but when you can't, to recognize the need for support or encouragement and ask for it. Let's get started....