Welcome to Science

  • the scientists!

    Welcome to Science Class!

    Dear Students and Parents,
    Welcome to a new school year! My name is Mrs. Jones, and I am excited to be your child’s science teacher.


    Students will be expected to have the following each day:

    1. A sharpened pencil or blue or black ink pen
    2. A folder or binder with blank paper and a pocket for assignments
    3. A school planner (provided by the school)
    4. A D.E.A.R. book


    Students will be graded on their proficiency in meeting standards-based learning targets. Assignments are given for specific learning targets and assessed using rubrics that describe the quality of work/learning associated with each score. Rubrics will be given to students at the beginning of these assignments and will be posted on my website.  At the end of each quarter, scores are averaged together to determine a final grade.

    A = Exceeding
    B = Proficient
    C = Developing
    NYM = Beginning (not yet meets)

    Behavior Expectations

    The expectations for this class come from the Rosemont Ridge character learning targets:

    1. I can be a respectful and self-disciplined Rosemont Ridge community member.
    2. I can show perseverance and craftsmanship in everything I do at school.

    (Behaviors that interfere with students’ ability to learn or teachers’ ability to teach will result first in a student-teacher conference. If distracting behaviors continue or are more serious, parents will be contacted, and when necessary, administrators.)

    Make-up Work, Late Work, and Revisions

     Being absent, even for the best of reasons, will cause some problems. In-class experiences such as labs, lectures, discussions, interactions with peers, etc… are valuable steps in the learning process that can not be replicated at home. Upon your return, plan on meeting with me before or after school, or at lunch, for extra help with missed concepts. Unless a student has been absent, work will be turned in the day it is due completed or not. Revisions may be possible after the work has been passed back.  


     I can be reached in the following ways:

    1. By email…jonesc1@wlwv.k12.or.us
    2. By phone…503-673-7550 extension 5567
    3. In person… Room B105

    With this information in mind, I am are confident that we can all look forward to a rich and rewarding school year.


    Mrs. Jones