Dear Willamette families,


    The strength of Willamette Primary lies in the strong culture of our school. We are a welcoming community, with strong partnerships built on trust and care with our families.  Our amazing staff holds a strong ethic of collaboration and an tremendous instructional expertise.  This culture of excellence is built on a willingness of all community members to be continual learners, asking questions of each other and ourselves, so that we are able to build upon our strengths and successes. I am honored to be principal at Willamette Primary.

    Twenty-six years ago, the original staff of Willamette Primary school gathered to establish guiding principles that would anchor our joyful work with children. At this time, Willamette was being converted from a middle school to a primary school. Teachers new to the district joined with those who had taught at other schools to establish these principles, which hold true today:



    The staff of Willamette Primary is guided by principles and beliefs that provide a thought-provoking and exciting educational environment. Children and adults are encouraged to go where the questions lead, as the future belongs to the learners.


    We believe in ...

    ...respecting the uniqueness of childhood and together celebrating wonder and the journey of learning.

    ...valuing high performance standards and honoring the ethic of quality craftsmanship through which each learner develops a personal signature.

    ...empowering learners through the development of many forms of literacy.

    ...valuing meaningful investigation and thoughtful reflection.

    ...acting responsibly, acknowledging that our actions and interactions impact the quality of our lives and the lives of others.

    ...fostering a dynamic relationship within and beyond the community of Willamette.

    ...encouraging healthy lifestyles with a balance of physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development.

    ...embracing the diversity of individuals, ideas and cultures, each of which contributes to the richness of our global community.



    As we embark on another year of joyful learning, these principles will continue to guide our work and beliefs with children.  The richness of our curriculum, the care we provide our students and the partnerships we grow are rooted within these beliefs, which strongly connect to the district mission question that asks, "How do we create learning communities for the greatest thinkers and most thoughtful people...for the world?"




    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our wonderful school.  I look forward to an outstanding year filled with tremendous learning, laughter, and joy.



    With thanks,