• Happy New Year

    Posted by Danielle Clearwater on 1/14/2016

    Happy New Year 2nd grade families!

    I hope you are well and enjoying everything this new year brings!  This is what we are up to this January:

    Math:  We are working hard to strengthen our understanding of place value and being able to accurately and efficiently work with larger numbers.  We are practicing solving story problems, telling time to the half-hour, being able to figure out what time it will be in one hour or two hours, collecting coins that equal one dollar and making appropriate trades (five pennies for one nickel, etc), spending one dollar and being able to trade larger valued coins for pennies in order to spend a specific amount.

    Reading:  We have agreed to help our teacher-librarian learn more about Fairy Tales and Folktales in order to teach other grade levels about this classic genre!  We have started reading classic versions of Fairy Tales and noticing what makes them a magical and unique genre.  Students are getting excited and generating many ideas for how we can learn and help engage others as well.  Stay tuned!

    Writing:  Students have written another narrative piece of about something they did or something that happened to them over winter break.  I am so lucky to hear their stories and get a peek into some life experiences from home.

    Art:  Learning how to draw three-dimensional shapes of all sorts has been challenging and fun.  This week we are working on “geometric stack-ups” as we combine shapes and techniques!

    Science:  All Bolton students have a chance to participate in the annual science fair.  This is not required but recommended for scientists of all ages.  If students participate, their projects will also be displayed at the Jane Goodall-CREST Science Symposium on Friday, February 26.  I emailed a Word document that gives all the needed information.  You can contact Kelly Rogers with any specific questions.

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  • Erosion Project

    Posted by Danielle Clearwater on 12/18/2015


    This will be my last blog post of the year!  I wanted to share the amazing learning your children have been involved in over the past few weeks.  Take some time to ask your student about:

    – How does Earth’s surface change? (slow and fast changes including volcanoes, floods, landslides, erosion, glaciers, earthquakes)

    – Erosion can be dangerous and cause problems.  What are some ways you learned to slow the process of erosion?

    – What was the engineering and design process you worked through in developing an erosion control plan?

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