Wilsonville High School Chemistry

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    I have been fortunate to teach Science in Wilsonville for 29 years: Our supportive parents and incredible students make every day an exciting adventure into examining our world. I have worked in industrial quality control, as an intern for US Fish and Wildlife Service, as a lab specialist for fish disease at a salmon hatchery, and as an organic lab chemist during summers at XEROX. Many summers, I spend in the Ink Research and Development Lab at XEROX in Wilsonville preparing new investigations and the latest techniques for WHS Chemistry students via the Business Education Compact. XEROX has been a willing partner in helping WHS students reach to fulfill their potential. One summer, a Forensic Chemistry "Who Done It" type lab came from the experience. WHS students will have many opportunities for laboratory activities and be challenged to apply and analyze their data to real world situations. Chemistry is demanding, but a great deal of fun too!!! We will examine chemical theories in relation to academic and real world ideas such as tie dying, fudge, and making ice cream among others. In addition, co-curricular offerings will include ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) in Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Microbiology areas.  AP Chemistry Room 220 1st and 2nd period, General Chemistry, 3rd, 5th, , and 6th Room 220. (503)673-7615 ext. 4633 oconnelj@wlwv.k12.or.us



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