• Welcome to our math center!


    Hi -  my name is Mrs. Schnell and I am your math teacher this year.  I have been a teacher for 27 years and I love math!  It is exciting to be a part of Meridian Creek Middle School.  This is our new building and we are all a part of an exciting year!


    This year in math we will be working independently, with partners, and in groups as we explore the world of Algebra.  Every other week you will receive a  real life situation problem that will be solved in our journal summarize section - 10 minutes per night.  The first week you will receive feedback about the problem and your work.  The second week you can revise and add to your work.  At the end of the second week you will complete a final draft in class.  We will assess our learning every Friday.  There will be 15minutes of homework each night.  A reflection question and solving part of our real life situation problem.  You need a pencil, your journal and your book every day for math!


    I am available for help during lunch every day.  I can also be available in the mornings on Monday, Thursday, or Friday.  I can also help every afternoon until 4:15 - except Tuesdays.  I check my e-mails every morning and during the school day.  I would prefer it if you emailed me so that you can get your questions answered.  We are going to have a great year!