•  Ms. Sutter enjoying a beautiful pond with water lillies and other plants in Hawaii 2017.


    Welcome to Ms. Sutter's 2nd grade classroom. This is my first year at Sunset Primary School. Previously, I taught preschool and was an instructional assistant for kindergarten through 8th grade. I feel that the social and emotional side of learning is just as important as the academics of math, literacy, history, science and art. I have a special attraction to art and nature and try to bring those interests into the classroom to inspire each young learner. 

    I am the extremely proud mom of two sons - now 18 and 20 years old. They are the epitome of what I want  for each and every one of my students - to feel loved not only at home but also at school; to feel challenged yet capable of excelling; to be excited about learning and creating relationships to help the world be a better place where we all feel accepted and important.

    I encourage you to read the ListServ weekly newsletter to keep up on the specifics of the classroom and to see how you can best support your young learner. 


    Tammy Sutter