If you are looking for information about the upcoming school year you have a lot of company!  Things are still in a bit of flux as we balance teaching loads and courses based on students choosing Online School for the Whole Year (you would not have me in that case) or Distance Learning for the first quarter and hope for a hybrid model later in the year.  Much like the only constant is change, the only certainty these days in education is uncertainty.


    However, unless things change I will be teaching two classes of AP Biology, two classes of AP Statistics and one class of Marine Biology this year.  Which quarters those will be should be decided soon and I will then update this page.


    There are NO SUMMER ASSIGNMENTS for any of those courses.  I look forward to meeting some of you for the first time and welcoming back some of you that have had me for other classes.


    Enjoy the rest of your summer, Mr. Schauer