• Students do not have lockers at our school, therefor students should bring a backpack or schoolbag to carry supplies and books.  Many teachers provide a place in the classroom for students to keep notebooks and class materials (file folder or book box.)

    We suggest that students bring basic supplies on the first day or school, the bring additional supplies when needed.

    ** If you need assistance or support school supplies please contact our school counselor, Cheryl Wilson, or our school secretary, Nancy Schrank. ** 

    Suggested School Supplies:

    • Spiral notebook(s) or lined notebook paper
    • Binder(s)
    • Pens and pencils
    • Compass and Protractor
    • Scientific calculator
    • Ruler with Metric and English units
    • Colored pencils
    • Colored markers
    • Highlighter pens
    • Scissors
    • Backpack or school bag

    A Continuous Supply of:

    • Black or blue pens
    • #2 pencils and erasers
    • College-ruled paper
    • Glue sticks

    Individual classes may have an additional supply list that will be provided the first week of school.