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    We Miss You!

    We are so excited to welcome students back to our school buildings on Monday, March 15. It has been a long time since we have been together as a community and I know that our teachers and staff are anticipating a successful reopening and reconnection with our students.

    We are busy at work preparing for our students to return to school and we know that you have many questions regarding how the school day will look and feel for our students, what the classroom environment will be like, and how everyone will stay healthy and safe at school. Below we’ve provided answers to many of these questions. You are also able to see how the school is getting ready through a Virtual Open House for students and families on Wednesday, March 10 at 6:30, or by contacting me by phone or email. Everyone at ATHS wants students and families to be comfortable and ready for a return to our school building.

    We know that many families have questions about the differences between On-Campus Hybrid Learning and Comprehensive Distance Learning. We hope that the information in this message will help you in your decision-making process with your student about which model you will choose for the remainder of the year.

    In On-Campus Hybrid some students will come to campus each day to join the teacher in the classroom. The rest of the students will join all or parts of the lesson through Zoom. Teachers will continue to keep the Google classroom as a hub for all materials, assignments, instruction, and resources for the class. All students will have access to the learning whether connecting through in-person instruction on campus or through digital means.

    For students who stay in Comprehensive Distance Learning, connection to class and learning work from their current teachers with continue through Zoom and Google Classroom. These students will have access to synchronous and asynchronous learning every day. Teachers will communicate to students about the schedules for the day/week through Google classroom so that students at home are able to manage their schedules at home. Teachers will maintain connections and support for each student through conferences on Zoom, email communication, and scheduled meetings.

    Students may experience some variability in how they receive instruction depending on the day, the course, and the learning activity.

    In January you completed a survey with your intention for your student's choice between these models. In order to continue to prepare for learners to return to our campus on March 15, we ask that you let us know your choice at this time. We know that you may have the same selection, or it may have changed. Both options are okay,; we want you and your student to be comfortable with your choice.

    Please click this link to complete a confirmation survey today about your choice of On-Campus Hybrid or Distance Learning. Please give careful consideration to the information that is shared with you in this email and answer the survey questions as soon as possible. This important information will allow us to accurately build out our class cohorts and hybrid programming.

    Please contact us at school if you have any questions regarding this survey or the return to school. We look forward to hearing from you.