Sunset's Story

  • Sunset Primary School, nestled in West Linn’s Sunset neighborhood, has a rich history of providing opportunities and support for children to excel, and of welcoming children and families to the important programs and activities around teaching and learning.  One of the oldest public schools in the state of Oregon and in 1904 the very first school to offer public transportation (2 horses and a wagon) in Oregon, Sunset is one of nine excellent elementary schools in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District.

    Just as Robert Moore, with whom the story of West Linn (then “Linn City”) began, gave all his attention to the development of his town, our Sunset community has a rich history of dedication to helping children maximize achievement and to partnership with families.  Our Sunset staff cherishes and embraces the ways children are naturally filled with joy and wonder, and believe there is no limit to how far each and every child can grow with effort and time.  We know that each child walking through our doors is a bright and thoughtful inquirer full of ideas, questions, and positives, and we are committed to maximizing achievement through authentic, purposeful, engaging learning experiences.  We simultaneously encourage each other to our personal bests; w
    e enjoy and are passionate about our work together, always wanting to better our own abilities to inspire curiosity and thoughtfulness and to elicit excellence.

    At Sunset, and throughout West Linn-Wilsonville School District, you will find deep valuing of relationships and people, of thinking and learning, and of thoughtfulness.  You will find talented people who strive to do everything even a little better tomorrow than today, and who honor our personal commitments, above all else, to doing what is best for children- for your child.  The partnership between families and schools is very important to us.  We respect the family as the child’s first and most influential teacher, and want to collaborate with you in teaching your children to love challenges, to persevere, to be intrigued by, curious about, and to learn from mistakes, and to celebrate successes.

    We are so appreciative of our incredible support system of parent volunteers at Sunset. Each day you will see parents helping in classrooms or the library, playground and outdoor gardens.  Our Parent-Teacher-Student-Organization (PTSO) is a vital part of our educational program and community involvement, creating opportunities that lead to cherished memories and supporting children, teachers and families in so many wonderful and creative ways. 

    Thank you for your interest in the learning and caring that continuously and joyously takes place at Sunset Primary.  If you would like to learn more about our school, please explore our website, call, or come by and say hello.

    Lisa Hawking