• March 11-15th

    Posted by Kristin Cronn on 3/11/2019

    Monday March 11 - Add to notes about African stereotypes today and journal check!  Homework:  No homework 

    Tuesday 3/12 - partner article reading and review last 15 minutes of Guns, Germs, and Steel documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opZD8237rJ8  - begin video at minute 32 and finish at minute 48. Homework:  No homework

    Wednesday 3/13 - How have resources caused conflict in Africa? - lesson on google classroom. Homework:  Finish summary and questions in your journal Questions- DUE tomorrow.

    Thursday 3/14 - Evidence share out from Africa Disease and Conflict.  Argument essay with rebuttal group example.  Homework:  No homework.

    Friday 3/15 - Africa resources today - station work.  Notes in your journal.  Homework:  No Homework.




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  • March 4-8th

    Posted by Kristin Cronn on 3/4/2019

    Monday - March 4:  Review of East and West African Kingdoms - journal notes.  Write a narrative on google classroom about a day in a life.... Due Tuesday.  Homework:  Complete narrative writing on google classroom.  Don't forget to press Turn-in!

    Tuesday - March 5:  Indian Ocean Trading reading and group activity.  Homework:  No homework.

    Wednesday - March 6:  Imperialism and Slavery reading and video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NXC4Q_4JVg

    Thursday - March 7:  Imperialism and Industry reading and notes - Check Google classroom for the reading article.  Homework:  Make sure your Africa map is complete as well as the narrative.  Journal check is next week!

    Friday - March 8:  African Stereotypes reading and questions - Packet Due at the end of class.



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  • February 25 - March 1st

    Posted by Kristin Cronn on 2/26/2019

    Monday - late start (yeah snow!) Africa and Africa stereotypes - journal notes.  Homework:  no homework

    Tuesday - Gold and Salt reading and questions.  Complete Africa map and glue into journal.  Homework:  No homework (Africa map must be complete and in your journal)

    Wednesday - Snow Day - no School

    Thursday - guest speaker!  Zimbabwe Kingdom and notes.  Homework:  Inquiry project revisions/no homework.

    Friday - East and West African Kingdom notes and Venn diagram.  Homework:  Africa map must be complete!!!! MAP and Climate Map


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  • February 11-15

    Posted by Kristin Cronn on 2/12/2019

    Monday - Inquiry research - second article close read and add to your packet notes.  Homework:  3 articles RADCAB and 2 articles have notes - inquiry packet.

    Tuesday - Inquiry research - 3rd article close read/inquiry group meeting.  Homework - complete article research in your packet.

    Wednesday - Writing your evidence and claim/inquiry group meeting.  Panel Practice.  Homework:  Review your packets for panel presentations!

    Thursday - Panel visuals (if time) or Panel Presentation practice.  Homework:  No homework.

    Friday - Panel Presentations and class feedback.  Homework:  Panel Presentations for Tuesday!

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  • February 4-8

    Posted by Kristin Cronn on 2/4/2019

    Monday 2/4:  RADCAB lesson with Mrs. Coreson - please get class notes if you are absent.  Homework:  No Homework

    Tuesday 2/5:  Begin research using the RADCAB process.  Using your group inquiry question, begin a mini-RADCAB process to choose 4 research articles.  Homework:  No Homework if you finish your classwork.

    Wednesday 2/6:  Early Release!  Close reading lesson and practice.  Homework:  No homework.


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  • January 22 - 25th

    Posted by Kristin Cronn on 1/22/2019

    Monday - No School - MLK Day

    Tuesday - Muslim Culture Contributions - gather information from stations.  Homework:  No homework

    Wednesday - Read - How the Middle East Got that Way article and find text evidence to represent conflict.  Complete Study Guide for Middle East Quiz - DUE tomorrow.  Homework:  Complete Study Guide for Quiz on Thursday 1/24.

    Thursday - Middle East Quiz.  Complete Article reading and share findings.  Homework:  No Homework.

    Friday -  End of the Quarter!!  Gallery walk for Middle East Current Day Issues and develop questions.  Homework:  Plan for Inquiry topics for Tuesday.

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  • January 14-18th

    Posted by Kristin Cronn on 1/14/2019

    Monday and Tuesday - Muhammad's life Documentary and class notes  - No Homework

    Wednesday - Early Release - Peer Journal Check and Islam Current Event Assignment - Due Friday.

    Thursday - Life after Muhammad Reading and note taking - Current Event on Google Classroom Due on Friday.

    Friday - Ottoman Empire - Current Event Due on Google Classroom

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  • January 7-11th

    Posted by Kristin Cronn on 1/7/2019

    Happy 2019!

    Monday - No School Teacher work day

    Tuesday - Welcome Back! Advisory Day - Class:  Begin Middle East Unit - Geography Picture tour and Mapping.  No Homework.

    Wednesday - Classwork:  Finish Middle East Map - NEWSELA reading - Geographical advantages/disadvantages in the region.  Journal Entry.  No Homework.

    Thursday - Classwork:  Middle East as Holy Land - 3 major religions comparison chart and reading - The assignment is on Google Classroom.  No Homework.

    Friday - Classwork:  Middle East as Holy Land partner writing and reflection.  No homework.



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  • December 17-21st

    Posted by Kristin Cronn on 12/17/2018

    Monday - December 17th:  Socratic Seminar Prep - Write out 3 examples using text evidence that support how the Dark Ages were/were not a necessary evil.  Homework:  Complete packet on Socratic Seminar Due at the beginning of class. Review SS grade on Family Link. 

    Tuesday - December 18th:  Socratic Seminar Group 1 - Homework:  No Homework.

    Wednesday - December 19th:  Socratic Seminar Group 2 - Homework:  No Homework.

    Thursday - December 20th:  Special Medieval times movie.  Homework:  No Homework.

    Friday - December 21st:  Special Schedule and finish movie.  Enjoy your break!  Moo


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  • December 3-7th

    Posted by Kristin Cronn on 11/30/2018

    Monday - December 3rd - Advisory Schedule:  Classwork:  Feudalism Quiz!  Knights and Chivalry Code.  Homework:  No Homework.

    Tuesday - December 4th - Normal Schedule:  Classwork:  Create a personal Coat of Arms.  Homework:  Coat of Arms Due tomorrow

    Wednesday - Early Release - Life in towns - role play.  Homework:  No homework

    Thursday - December 6th - Classwork:  Towns reading and risk vs benefits of living in towns.  Homework:  No homework.

    Friday - December 7th - Classwork:  Compare and Contrast Life in towns with Life in a Manor.  Narrative writing - take on a role and describe the risks and benefits of living in a town. Due Monday.  Homework:  Enjoy the weekend and drink hot cocoa!

    Life in Town Narrative Reading

    Life in Town Criteria:  Describe a day in a life of your role (serf, merchant, guild member, etc)  Write about how life was different in a medieval town than in a medieval manor.  Include risks and benefits of each place.  Your writing should be 2 to 3 paragraphs on google classroom.



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