• Welcome to Mrs. Coreson's
    Drama Class!
    What will we be doing in Drama?
    • We will be creating a culture of care within our room
    • We will learn the craft of acting
    • We will learn the crafts of theatrical design
    • We will produce a play!
      • All students will act and design for our production. We will have a school performance for select audiences, and possibly an evening performance that is open to the public.

    How is Drama Graded?

    Students receive two types of grades in Drama:

    • 25% of the quarter grade is a Weekly Participation grade. Because theater is a completely collaborative art form students are expected to fully participate in each day's work, work in small groups effectively and cooperatively, interact with the class community in a positive and constructive way. This weekly grade cannot be revised. Instead, students can raise their weekly score by increasingly working with the class on the skills listed above.
    • 75% of the quarter grade is based in class projects and performances. Each project or performance has multiple Learning Targets, each assessing a different skill and standard, and each Learning Target is a whole grade. These Learning Targets can be revised.