Welcome to 7th Grade Math

  • Mr. Hsieh's Leave

    Posted by Benjamin Hsieh on 4/8/2019

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    As many of you know, I am taking an extended leave from the classroom.  I am going to be staying home to take care of my wife who is fighting cancer and will likely not be returning this school year.
    I am thankful for all the kind messages of support families and students have sent me.  It is comforting to know that you are thinking of us at this time.  Many have even kindly offered to help!  We are okay for now, as we have a great network of family and friends caring for us. 
    I am happy to see that Ms. Brewer has successfully taken over the reins and that you are in good hands.  I hope to come by for a visit before the year is up!  Until then, my best to you all.  Thank you!
    Mr. Hsieh
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  • New Quarter

    Posted by Benjamin Hsieh on 1/29/2019

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    On to the new quarter!  Grades for Quarter 2 will be mailed out soon, though you can get a good preview on Family Link.  

    This is the time of year when many students start needing to refresh their supplies.  Please ask to make sure your child has the following:

    1.  Pencils!

    2.  Pens!

    3.  A math notebook!  (only $1 in the office)

    4.  A calculator!  

    We are also in need of Kleenex boxes as there are many runny noses.  Thanks!

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  • Tryon Creek Hiking Trip

    Posted by Benjamin Hsieh on 10/8/2018


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    Our 7th grade team will hike at Tryon Creek State Park this Thursday.  This is designed to be a valuable team building activity, as our students will work together to plan and navigate a route around the park.  Most groups should prepare to hike 3-6 miles.  

    Time:  Bus departs 10:30 am and returns at ~3 pm on 10/18.  Students will arrive and depart from school at the normal times.  

    Cost:  Nothing.  Bus transportation is provided by the district.

    What to Bring: 

    1.  Sack lunch.  Bring lunch and enough snacks to sustain you throughout the hike.  Please keep in mind that all garbage must be carried back down the trail.

    2.  Drinks.  A liter of water should be sufficient.  No glass, please. 

    3.  Shoes.  Wear sturdy, close-toed shoes or boots.  Running shoes or hiking boots should work nicely.  Flip flops or rubber boots are often causes of regret and great sorrow.

    4.  Clothes.  It is best to dress in layers to account for varying temperatures throughout the hike.  For example, a sensible kit may include:  shorts or pants, t-shirt, hoodie, light rain jacket.  You will look both stylish and comfortable!  Naturally, we will adjust according to weather conditions as the day approaches.  

    5.  Optional other.  Medication, camera, backpack, hat, sunglasses, hiking poles ...

    Chaperones:  If you are an adventure-ready parent who would like to help chaperone please indicate on the permission slip and/or contact your conference class teacher. 


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  • Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Posted by Benjamin Hsieh on 9/24/2018


    Conference sign-up is now live!  Conferences will take place on Wednesday, 10/10 and Thursday, 10/11. We will meet in A104. You can access the sign-up page through the RRMS website under the "Parents" tab by clicking "Conference Sign-Up".   

    Conferences will have two main components:  a meeting with the teacher and a student-led portion.  During the teacher meeting, we will review student progress and set goals for the upcoming year.  Students will then move to the hall and guide families through their learning portfolio and FamilyLink.

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  • Curriculum Night

    Posted by Benjamin Hsieh on 9/7/2018

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    It was great to meet all of you at Curriculum Night!   I look forward to getting to know you better and ensuring your student's success this year.

    If you happened to have missed it, here is a copy of our course syllabus.  



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  • Welcome!

    Posted by Benjamin Hsieh on 8/21/2018


    At the start of school, teachers be like...


    Some people may question the wisdom of posting a picture of myself in a bathing suit on the school website.  Lucky for you, I am not most people!  So who am I?  Let me introduce myself.

    This is my 20th year teaching.  That means I am old.  So, so very old.  It's alright because I act kind of immature and wear clothes that are too young for me.  I love teaching math and I like to do other stuff like eating potato chips, riding bikes, and playing Mario games.  

    Now, let’s talk a little bit about the last name. Though it looks like it may be pronounced like the sound of a samurai sword slicing effortlessly through the air, it is not nearly so cool. H‐S‐I‐E‐H is pronounced S‐H‐A‐Y. You know.  Rhymes with clay, Milky Way, soufflé, buffet ...

    Anyway, I just wanted to write you a letter welcoming you to math class. Thanks for reading this. I look forward to meeting all of you very soon!


    Mr. Hsieh

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