• Emergency Preparedness: Student Supply Kits

    We want to work with our families to create personalized Emergency Supply Kits for each classroom.  These would be used in the event students were at school beyond the school day in an emergency such as bad weather or an earthquake.  In order to be prepared for emergencies, we request that you send an Emergency Supply Kit to school for each of your children.  Our PTA has purchased plastic bins for each classroom so that your child’s teacher would have these readily available in the event your child was not able to get home at the regular time.


    All supplies need to fit in a one gallon, zip-lock plastic bag.  Due to space no additional supplies can be accommodated.  On the front of the bag, write your child’s name and the date the supplies were assembled.  Include any emergency telephone numbers or plans that you have for your family.  PLEASE USE A PERMANENT MARKER. Send the one gallon, zip-lock plastic bag with the following supplies to your child’s teacher.

     A note from you telling your child that he/she is safe at school until you have talked with school staff to arrange transportation home.  This is for your child’s reassurance.

    One small space blanket for warmth

    One small waterproof poncho

    One small flashlight with batteries

    Two small boxed drinks

    One can of food with a pull-top lid such as tuna, Vienna sausage, etc

    One can of dessert with a pull-top lid such as fruit, salad, pudding, etc

    Disposable utensils

    One small pack of tissues

    Gum or candy your child likes

    A small notepad, pen

    Please avoid salty snack foods that will make your child thirsty.

    If your child has any medical needs, be sure our school office has a 24-48 hour supply of medication available at all times.


    We know that your child will appreciate this emergency kit in the event it is needed.  Thank you!