2019 Bond



    UPDATE: August 5, 2019

    West Linn-Wilsonville School Board Places Capital Bond on November Election Ballot

    The West Linn-Wilsonville School Board unanimously approved a resolution during an Aug. 5 meeting authorizing the placement of a $206.8 million capital bond on the November 2019 ballot.

    The ballot title includes a $7.19 million OSCIM Grant that was approved by the State in July. The additional revenue will only be awarded to the District if the bond passes during the 2019 November election.

    The capital bond, if approved, would fund several major construction projects across West Linn-Wilsonville including:

    • Safety and security projects, including the building of secure entryways and limited-intrusion glass, at all WLWV schools;
    • Relocate and expand Arts and Technology High School to the Athey Creek Middle School site to accommodate enrollment growth and increase Career and Technical Education opportunities;
    • Relocate and build Athey Creek Middle School to the District-owned Dollar Street property in West Linn;
    • Build a Performing Arts Center at Wilsonville High School; 
    • Safety upgrades to the stadium and the building of additional parking at West Linn High School;
    • Build a new primary school on the District-owned Frog Pond property in Wilsonville to accommodate enrollment growth;
    • Technology Upgrades District-wide; and
    • Additional capital improvements and facility upgrades across all 16 West Linn-Wilsonville schools.

    The bond, which is not expected to raise the current tax rate of West Linn-Wilsonville residents, will be placed on the ballot in addition to a local option tax levy. The local option tax levy was last passed in 2014 and is set to expire following the 2019-20 school year. The local option tax levy currently funds approximately 80 teachers across the school district. That tax levy is not expected to raise the current tax rate experienced by voters. 

    The Board approved the resolution following the recommendation of the District’s Long Range Planning Committee in June and more than a year of work and discussion. The Long Range Planning Committee reviewed the West Linn-Wilsonville School District’s recommendations for addressing West Linn-Wilsonville school and safety following the advisory committees’ reports and incorporated them into the capital projects provided to the Board. The Board also utilized the WLWV Superintendent’s High School Study conducted during the 2017-18 school year as well as a 10-year enrollment forecast conducted by Flo Analytics in 2018.

    UPDATE: July 22, 2019

    The West Linn-Wilsonville School District received notice that it has been awarded the State's OSCIM Grant should the District pass a capital bond in the upcoming 2019 election. The Oregon School Improvement Matching Grant is in the amount of $7,192,506. The District will only receive the funding (used to address capital projects outlined in the 2019 Long Range Plan) if a 2019 bond levy is passed by West Linn-Wilsonville voters. The West Linn-Wilsonville School Board will engage with the updated ballot language during their Aug. 5 retreat.

    UPDATE: June 11, 2019

    The West Linn-Wilsonville School Board approved Part 2 of the 2019 Long Range Plan during the June 10 Board Meeting. Part of the West Linn-Wilsonville 2019 Long Range Plan includes the Capital Improvement Program, identifying facility needs, timing and sequence, and specific capital improvement projects needed over the next 10 years across the district. Major facility needs and 2019 Capital Bond projects match what was presented at the 2019 Bond Summit.

    The Board also engaged in the first reading of the 2019 Capital Bond Proposed Ballot Language during the June 10 meeting. The Board will engage in the second reading and could adopt the 2019 Capital Bond Ballot Language during the scheduled Aug. 5 meeting. Adopting Ballot Title Language in August allows for the inclusion of language addressing the State's OSCIM Grant should the District receive additional funding.

    The District recently submitted its application for the Oregon School Improvement Matching (OSCIM) Grant Program. Part of the Oregon Department of Education's Office of School Facilities, the OSCIM Program is the largest grant program for school construction. Sixty percent of OSCIM Grant Program funding is awarded based on the Priority List established by the Office of School Facilities, with 40 percent of Grant funds allocated to districts that pass a local bond using the First in Time program.

    If a 2019 Capital Bond was passed by West Linn-Wilsonville voters, and the District were awarded the OSCIM grant, the District would receive an additional $7.19 million in matching funds for facility upgrades at Athey Creek and Inza Wood Middle Schools. OSCIM Grants will be awarded to Districts in late July. If the District is awarded OSCIM Grant funds, language will be included in the Ballot Title Language presented during the Board's meeting to optimize 2019 Capital Bond funds.

    UPDATE: February 27, 2019

    The West Linn-Wilsonville School District hosted its 2019 Bond Summit on February 23 at Meridian Creek Middle School. More than 200 community members participated in a day of bond-related activities. The purpose of the Bond Summit is to educate the community and also provide feedback and input for the School Board to consider.

    West Linn-Wilsonville community members participate in the 2019 Bond Summit on February 23.

    To view community input and feedback from the Summit, visit the 2019 Bond Summit Webpage.

    UPDATE: January 28, 2019

    The West Linn-Wilsonville School Board officially approved Part One of the Long Range Plan during their January 28 Work Session. The District will hold a Bond Summit in February to discuss proposed capital projects as outlined in the Capital Improvement Program. The Bond Summit will help to inform the School Board as it contemplates a possible Capital Bond. Below are proposed projects as described by the Long Range Planning Committee.

    Safe and Welcoming Schools

    All West Linn-Wilsonville schools would receive safe and secure single-entryways in a 2019 Capital Bond. All WLWV schools would receive upgraded locks that can be activated with the push of a button. West Linn High School received a secure entryway with money from the 2014 Capital Bond.

    The proposed project would include school building renovations for secure school entrances; classroom lockdown hardware; shelter-in-place curtains; and intrusion-limiting glass. Those improvements would be made for all 16 WLWV schools.

    The classroom lockdown hardware would be implemented in every classroom door, giving teachers and staff the ability to lock and unlock doors with the touch of a button. Curtains, meanwhile, would similarly be implemented in all instructional spaces for easy access in the event of lockdowns and other emergency situations. Glass windows and doors would also be replaced in strategic locations at all schools, reinforcing entryways to considerably slow down potential intruders.

    West Linn-Wilsonville School District is also committed to creating and maintaining safe, secure facilities for students, staff, and patrons, including the best environment for optimal student learning. West Linn-Wilsonville prides itself on welcoming schools that provide optimal comfort, allowing students to become the best learners they can be. Other projects include:

    • Expand emergency power coverage;
    • Replace fire alarm systems;
    • Replace fire sprinkler systems;
    • Implement/upgrade site lighting;
    • Video monitoring;
    • Communication upgrades;
    • Replace electrical panels;
    • Hazardous material management;
    • Implement/upgrade emergency power generators;
    • Implement air-conditioning in primary schools;
    • Implement accessible playgrounds; and more.

    The district recently completed a large number of safety and security projects using money from the 2014 capital bond. Among those projects were renovated safe and secure school entrances at Bolton Primary, Boeckman Creek Primary, and West Linn High School this past summer. Both Sunset Primary and Meridian Creek Middle School received safe and secure entryways when they were completed prior to the 2017-18 school year.

    The conceptual estimate for the entire Safe and Welcoming Schools project is $15.25 million.

    Expanding Opportunities and Addressing Enrollment Growth at Secondary Level

    The Athey Creek site has more than 40 usable acres, making it an ideal location for a high school.   A new high school would include learning spaces specific for Career and Technical Education opportunities.  The Dollar Street property contains 21 usable acres for a new middle school.

    Currently, the district has three high schools — West Linn High School, Wilsonville High School, and Arts and Technology High School, a smaller option high school that typically has enrollment around 100 students. Enrollment projections show that West Linn High School could eclipse 2,000 students while Wilsonville High School will approach 1,700 students by 2028. Concurrently, the lease for Arts and Technology High School expires in 2022 and a new location will be needed.

    Relocate and Expand Arts and Technology High School to Athey Creek Site:
    The concept for this project is to expand enrollment of the Arts and Technology High School from its current 100 students to approximately 500 students. The new size would still maintain a smaller feel than the other high schools; and, the increased enrollment could allow for expanded courses and programs to be offered at the school.

    The plan is to relocate this option high school to the current Athey Creek Middle School building site. This would include:

    • An administration suite would be constructed at the front of the school to assure safety and security for students similar to other schools in the District.
    • The existing area that houses the current administration suite will be converted to learning spaces.
    • Learning spaces will be designed with Career Technical Education in mind, allowing for diverse programming.
    • Renovating this existing building for the Arts and Technology High School does not involve a boundary change for middle or high school.

    Relocate Athey Creek Middle School:
    This new facility is proposed to be a replacement building for the existing Athey Creek Middle School that is planned to be converted to a new option high school as indicated above. The new middle school facility will be designed on the 21-acre District-owned Dollar Street Site at the southwestern edge of West Linn and is proposed to accommodate 850 students. Construction of this new school will not affect current middle school boundaries.

    The site components will include:

    • Modern, contemporary middle school. Due to the size and shape of the site, the building is expected to be designed with two stories.
    • Track, Turf field with lights, and appropriate site circulation.
    • Parking and street frontage improvements.

    The conceptual estimate for the project is $88 million.

    Increasing Access to the Arts: Wilsonville High School Auditorium Addition

    One of the proposed projects is a new performing arts center at Wilsonville High School.

    Performing Arts Theater:
    The major project at Wilsonville High School is a large performance theater with the accompanying support spaces for performing arts, including drama instruction and stagecraft. The project would construct a new 600-seat theater (similar to WLHS) adjacent to the new performing arts entrance constructed under the 2014 bond program.

    Renovated Instructional Space
    This project will also convert the existing auditorium, stage and arena theater to instructional space, increasing the total building capacity of the high school. The nature of the remodeled instructional space will allow for increased Career Technical Education opportunities for Wilsonville High School students

    Site and Parking Improvements
    This project also includes appropriate site circulation and additional parking in the existing soccer fields adjacent to the gyms.

    The conceptual estimate for this project is $25 million.

    West Linn High School Parking and Stadium Improvement

    West Linn High School would receive upgraded parking.  West Linn High School would receive an expanded stadium.

    Stadium Improvements
    Increasing the size of West Linn High School's stadium is needed to accommodate enrollment growth and increase safety. The current stadium size does not accommodate the entire student body of more than 1,800 students. Enlarging the stadium would provide a place for the entire student population to gather for school events, assemblies, and activities. Enlarging the stadium would also increase safety for students during emergency protocols, and increase safety for the greater community during major athletic and performance events.

    Increased Parking
    Enlarging the WLHS stadium would require adding additional parking at the WLHS site. Additional parking would benefit the student body during school hours and improve parking lot safety during community events. The number of parking spaces would be determined during the permitting process based on West Linn City Code.

    The conceptual estimate for this project is $8.3 million.

    Addressing Growth at the Primary Level

    A proposed primary school would be built on the district's 10-acre property in Frog Pond.

    New housing developments in Wilsonville are impacting enrollment projections, indicating the need for a new primary school in the near future. The construction of a new primary school would allow for growth and limit the potential of overcrowding of other primary schools in the area.

    The project would include a new starter primary school with an initial capacity of 350 students, with room for a future buildout to approximately 550 students. The school would be located on the district’s 10-acre property in Frog Pond where the CREST Farm was previously located.

    The conceptual estimate for this project is $39 million.

    Learning with Technology

    Updating Technology is a priority in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District.  West Linn-Wilsonville schools require a variety of technology upgrades in coming years.

    Technology is a vital component of virtually every aspect of the School District. Both safety and security, as well as teaching and learning, are enhanced by technology and efficient building operations require a reliable technological infrastructure. Money for technology would go to projects such as re-wiring existing schools, WiFi upgrades, phone system updates, an updated printer fleet, end-user device rollouts, and video monitoring upgrades among other projects.

    The conceptual estimate for learning with technology projects is $18 million.

    District-wide Improvements

    District-wide improvements include a variety of upgrades across district schools, including classroom additions and turf. The district has a strong history of protecting the community’s investment in facilities. District-wide improvements include a wide range of projects that address critical issues such as accessibility upgrades, equitable access, Title IV compliance, renovations for Career Technical Education (CTE) learning environments, and safety improvements.

    Proposed district-wide projects include:

    • Wet Lab / Classroom addition and site improvements at CREST;
    • Instructional greenhouses at each middle school;
    • Synthetic Turf, lighting, and practice facility at Wilsonville High School women's softball field;
    • Improved Career Technical Education (CTE) spaces, equipment, and fixtures at all high schools;
    • Replace track surface at multiple schools;
    • Select interior improvements at all schools;
    • Select student furniture replacement;
    • Kitchen equipment replacement;
    • Athletic scoreboard replacement;
    • Select roofing replacement;
    • Select exterior painting;
    • Mechanical equipment life cycle replacements and energy efficiency upgrades

    The conceptual estimate for this project is $13.25 million.