Student Google Accounts

  • As students launch into their Supplemental Learning and Distance Learning for All activities, we thought you might find it helpful to have some simple guidance.
    Most of our students have Google accounts. Your child's account is [stuEmail]. The password starts as capital P followed by their 6 digit student ID. As good digital citizens, many students have changed their passwords though. If you need us to reset your child's password, let us know by filling out a ticket at
    If your child does not yet have a Google account, this is a permission form to authorize a Google account for your child - If you can print it, read it, sign it, scan it, and then email it to, that would be perfect. If you can't do that, you can send an email to with your permission, or you can call 503-673-7013 and give a verbal authorization.
    If you have a Chromebook, students should log into it using their Google account. If you have children sharing a Chromebook but who are from multiple schools, they can all use the same one - the trick is just keep typing the email address and when you hit the @ sign, the information from the other school will disappear and can then be completed.
    If you are using a PC or Mac, you will want to be using the Google Chrome browser. We find the best way to start is to go to If a login window appears, the child can log in. If they see some contents of Google Drive, that means that someone is already logged into a Google account. If it is the student, that's great. However, if it is someone else, they should be logged out using the account avatar in the top-right, and then the child can log in. 
    Lastly, over the next week, most students will be invited to join Google Classroom classes via email with a link to join, or they will be invited to go to Google Classroom and enter a join/class code. This is an important step to connecting with Supplemental Learning and Distance Learning for All. There are lots of ways to get to Google Classroom - perhaps the most direct is simply to go to
    If you need technical help, please reach out to us with a tech ticket -
    Thank you!
    WLWV IT Staff