Reopening Framework

  •  WLWV Plan for Reopening Schools Presents Two Options

    The plan for delivering instruction hasn’t been fully finalized, but an overall framework has been determined and we would like to share that with you today.  Your family will have a choice to make in the coming month, and we want to provide you with the general outline for our reopening plans now so that you can make an informed decision.

    As we approach the next school year, your students will have two learning options within the West Linn-Wilsonville School District for the 2020-21 school year.

    Option 1: Attend the regular neighborhood school using a Hybrid Model

    Given the health protocols, including physical distancing mandated by the state, it won’t be possible for all of our students to return to school at the same time. Therefore, we are looking to implement a hybrid model across all three levels.Click for a high-resolution version of the WLWV return to school plans.

    Under this model, student groups — called cohorts — will attend in-person classes at school using staggered schedules. For example, half of the students will attend one day, while the other half engages in online learning at home. The cohorts switch the following day. This would be an A/B rotation model of attending school. The exact schedules within the school days will vary based on the different grade levels: elementary, middle school and high school and are yet to be developed. 

    Primary Schools Hybrid Plan:

    Feedback from Distance Learning in the spring, indicated that our youngest learners had the most difficult time with online learning unless a parent/guardian helped them navigate the lessons and manage their time all along the way.  With parents/guardians returning to work, students may be less likely to have this type of consistent support at home. 

    We have measured and considered all of the spaces in our primary schools that could be used effectively for small, learning cohorts.  Planning creatively and with physical distancing in place, we believe we can accommodate our youngest learners (G. K-4) to come to school every day for on-site learning.  However, we will need our 5th graders to attend with a staggered schedule (A/B rotation).

    Secondary Schools Hybrid Plan:

    Feedback from Distance Learning in the spring, indicated that our older students were more independent with online learning, but would have benefited from access to their teacher for synchronous learning (directed lessons, conferring, modeling, tutorial) more often.

    With an A/B rotation of students at home one day and at school the next, we believe this model allows us to meet both the health guidelines for physical distancing among individuals as well as direct instruction from teachers at least 2-3 days a week for every student.

    Additional information and an opportunity to ask questions will be provided in the coming weeks after staff has had time to work through the continued health, safety and instructional guidance from ODE and OHA.

    Option 2: Enroll In and Attend our New WLWV K12 Online Program

    Despite our best efforts to ensure safety, we understand that there may be parents who are not ready to send their children back to a physical school. Some of our students are medically fragile or at high risk for contracting COVID-19.  We want to offer a viable and robust learning option for them at home, while keeping them connected to their neighborhood school, friends, activities and resources. 

    In this option, students will continue to be enrolled in their regular school, but they will instead participate in a fully virtual K-12 experience. This is a year-long program, and students will be required to commit to at least one term if choosing this option to start the 2020-21 school year. If students need to switch to the Hybrid Model to resume in-person attendance at their regular school, students will be asked to do so at the end of the term. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

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