Students may apply for work experience or internship credit if they are employed in a position where academic and career related skills can be identified. These programs give students (in their junior or senior year) the opportunity to work toward receiving high school credit outside of school. Students may earn up to 2 credits of work experience and 2 credits of internship during their 4 years at West Linn High School.

    Work Experience
    Typically, students leave school for work experience during 5th and/or 6th period(s). Student’s work should be career-related and reflect the student’s interest in their future career or job. Application process and required assignments must be completed. The student’s conversation begins with their counselor. To receive a grade of “Pass”, the student must demonstrate their learning by completing:

    • Application (with Administrative approval)
    • The minimum work hours required (180 hours per semester for 1 credit)
    • Learning goals
    • Employer participation form
    • Mid-semester update conference
    • Work verification form
    • Submitting a reflection paper to the administration

    An internship experience follows a career path of interest. The student must partner with a full-time mentor. It must be a recognized internship program. The student’s conversation begins with their counselor. The student submits an application with administrative approval at the beginning of the semester. To receive a grade of “Pass”, the student must complete:

    • The required hours (65 hours)
    • Learning goals
    • Mid-semester update conference
    • Work verification form
    • A final presentation to an adult panel.

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    PEP or 4-Year Plan
     Beginning with the Sophomore class, all students are required to complete and maintain an PEP each year. In the spring, the counselors go into the US History classes and go over these plans and how to complete them. In the student’s Junior and/or Senior year, the counselors will meet with the students again individually and go over their plan and make any necessary changes. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor their own progress and discuss any changes with their counselor.
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    Oregon State Senate Bill 300
     The Oregon State Board of Education approved SB 300 Expanded Options Program for school districts in December, 2005. This expanded options program provides high school Juniors & Seniors the opportunity to take electives that are not offered at WLHS, at local community colleges. The elective field must coincide with career paths that are designated on student’s 4-year personalized educational plan.
     Students interested in taking a college elective course not offered at WLHS should make an appointment to see their counselor for more information.
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    The GED, or General Education Diploma, is awarded to people who pass an exam that measures basic skills, knowledge and the ability to apply skills and knowledge. The GED test is actually a five-part series, covering math, science, social studies, reading and writing. Even though some companies promote it, the actual GED test is not given online. It's monitored by a federal agency, the American Council on Education (ACE), which has official testing sites across the United States and Canada.
     GED Preparation
     • The student’s conversation begins with their counselor.
     • You must be 16 years old and there is an application process.
     • The available space in class determines if a student begins the GED Prep program at WLHS.
     • The student must pass the pre-test at WLHS before sending the student to CCC
       (Clackamas Community College) and take the GED test.
     • A $100.00 test fee is required at CCC after completion of the GED Prep class at WLHS.
     • Upon completion of the GED Prep class, the student is withdrawn from WLHS.
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    West Linn High School Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity to serve as Outdoor School Counselors for Rosemont Ridge and Athey Creek Middle Schools. This weeklong experience allows students the opportunity to lead, teach and interact with middle school students in a camp setting. It proves to be a great learning experience for everyone. Students wishing to apply to become Outdoor School Counselors:
     • Must be a Junior or Senior boy or girl.
     • Must have no suspensions for the current school year.
     • Must have a current GPA of 2.0 or consent of instructors.
     • Will not be allowed to leave Outdoor School to attend a school activity or
       athletic team event during the week of Outdoor School.
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    This course is taught outside the regular school day through the Community Education office and consists of 30 hours of classroom, 6 hours of behind the wheel driving, and one out of class attendance project. Students, (or parent/guardian), must register in-person at the Community Education office and present the student’s Oregon Learner’s Permit. Driving instruction will be scheduled at the time of registration. Lab fee provides textbook.

    For more information contact the Community Education:

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