WHS Performing Arts Project Update

Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 11/15/2021

WHS Performing Arts Center Project

The main entrance to Wilsonville High School opened before school started with a rerouted PGE service line, new conduit for the new service to the theater and temporary public circulation routes. Next summer work for the final entrance and courtyard will take place.

The contractor continues work laying the foundations for the new theater building.  Mass excavations reach a depth of 15 feet (the deepest section under the stage). Footings for the internal core of the structure are complete and below grade walls are currently being formed and poured. Soon the structure will rise above existing grade.

Demolition work started at the end of the existing band hallway in support of connecting the new theater building to the existing school.  Over Thanksgiving break, the general contractor will be expanding their work in the existing building in support of the new mechanical, plumbing and electrical work required in this interface zone between the new and existing buildings. This work is occurring while continuing to maintain separation between construction and school functions.The new theater addition is still expected to be complete in late 2022.

Site construction