2022 Q1 Project Updates

Posted by West Linn - Wilsonville School District on 4/28/2022

Haul Road

Recent Activities:
■ Construction commenced in January working on site clearing and access
■ Building and Site permits have been approved by the City of West Linn
■ The design team has been working on how to best utilize the lumber that was retained in December
■ The district worked with the contractor to retain trees for use in the building entry design
■ The contractor installed the main construction access road off Willamette Falls Drive
■ Soil has been organized on site to allow it to be reused
■ Cement treatment of the soil occurred in March. These treatmens condition the soil to be utilized below the building foundation
■ Public improvement drawings were submitted to the City of West Linn in February
■ The appeal to the Land Use Board of Appeals was denied on all points. If not appealed, the decision will be final April 18
■ Athey Creek staff was presented with the new school design

Upcoming Activities:
■ Cutting of grades will being in April which will define the building foundations
■ Procurement of long lead items continues
■ Review of the furniture order for the building will continue