Principal's Message

April 2018


Dear Willamette families,


Next month, we begin making classroom placements for next school year.  We give this complex process a great deal of time and thought to ensure every child is placed with a community that allows them to thrive.  We strive to create balanced classroom communities with a range of student strengths and talents. We also try to place children with peers who have the potential to become or remain positive friends.  Soon, classroom teachers and specialists will work together during several meetings to create classrooms for next year. Over the course of the summer, I will continue to adjust placements as needed. Creating balanced learning communities to foster strong relationships and appropriate levels of challenge is our goal, which we do with much consideration and thought.


Parents have valuable information to share and offer in this process. We invite you to share your input and concerns in writing by May 11th, to help us in our work planning classroom assignments for next year.  You may print and complete the attached form or write a letter.  Please return letters to the office or your child’s teacher. Letters containing sensitive information should be addressed to me.


Please refrain from specific teacher requests. Due to the complexity of the placement process and the sheer amount of varied requests we receive , we cannot guarantee these types of requests.


Please know your child’s teacher(s) will be intimately involved in the placement process. If you feel confident your child’s teacher has enough information to make a solid placement, you may simply rely on his or her judgement without the need to write a letter.  


Placement is an exciting opportunity to think about the possibilities of next year and we do our utmost to create classroom communities that honor and support the learning of each child.  We are extremely fortunate to have such an outstanding group of educators in each grade level; helping children grow, develop and thrive.


As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns that you have.


With thanks,