Principal's Message

Dear Willamette families,


With the cooler temperature and the bit of rain this morning, it feels like Fall is finally here!  Across our school, students have settled into their groove and are engaged in high levels of learning.  One of the many joys of my work is visiting classrooms to talk with students and observe evidence of their learning.  To support your child with their learning, please ensure you have signed up for a conference with their teacher, which will take place in little over a week.


Whether this is your first conference or one of many at Willamette, we look forward to seeing everyone take part. Conferences are vital towards helping us  better know your child as a learner and a person.  Over the past few weeks, teachers have been learning  about your children, through observations, assessments and conversations. They are excited to share with you what they have learned.  Just as important, our teachers look forward to listening to you share your perspectives of your child’s strengths and areas of growth.  By engaging in this conversation, with information from your child, your child’s teacher, and sharing what you know, we can collaboratively set rigorous goals for the year together.  You can sign up for conferences here.  I look forward to seeing you during our conference week!


In creating great learning communities in our schools, we know that a safe learning environment is important for all students. West Linn and Wilsonville are safe communities in the state of Oregon, and our schools reflect this. Schools in WLWV are overall communities of belonging, safety, and trust for students; where educators, peers, and families are committed to working together in a positive and safe manner. Even so, real issues related to student safety do occur in our schools and community, and part of our mission in public education is to empower students with systems and strategies to keep themselves and others safe.


An important part of helping all students develop a sense of self-efficacy in terms of safety is to ensure that students know where and how to get help. Most students report issues of safety concerns, bullying, harassment, or possible suicidal ideation to trusted adults around them: their parents, their teachers, their school counselors, or their building administrators. We will continue to foster an environment in all of our schools where children come forward to help themselves and others be safe.


As an additional pathway to report safety concerns and obtain needed help, the State of Oregon has developed the SafeOregon Tip Line. The goal of SafeOregon is to prevent school safety threats from occurring by providing schools and communities with a relevant tool for reporting potential threats. Tips can be submitted in a variety of ways, including email, phone calls, text, a mobile app, or web portal. These tips are quickly passed on to school administrators and local law enforcement agencies. As part of our district's overall commitment to safety for all students and effective community partnerships, all West Linn-Wilsonville Schools are now part of the SafeOregon Tip Line network.


How does the Safe Oregon Tip Line work?

Students can access the Safe Oregon system through a link on our school web site or they may go directly to the web site. Tips can be submitted through the web form on the Safe Oregon web site, or by text, email, live call and mobile app.


Why is there a need for a tip line system?

The number one reason why children do not report is the fear of retaliation from their peers. The Safe Oregon Tip Line can be accessed from the privacy of a phone, home computer or other Internet equipped device, eliminating the possibility of being identified by another student and thus, increasing the likelihood that a school safety threat would go unreported.


I encourage you to continue to communicate directly with us here at Willamette regarding any concerns you may have about safety AND to learn more about the Tip Line by visiting the Safe Oregon web site at


As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with your questions or concerns. On behalf of each staff member, thank you for being such a wonderfully supportive and engaged community!


With thanks,