Principal's Message





Dear Willamette families,


Thanks to the hard work of our teachers, front office, and building engineers, our school has been transformed over the past week and we are all excited to welcome our students back for the 2021-22 school year. Below you will find some important reminders and information, as well as a short survey as we get ready to launch our school year.


Dismissal Plans for your child and T-Shirt size

Please fill out this short survey for each of your children regarding their dismissal plans and T-Shirt size for our Fun Run. you may have been asked this information from your child’s teacher as well, so thank you for still completing this survey as well. When it comes to dismissal plans, there is no such thing as over-communication!


Health and Safety updates


You can find important health and safety updates on our district website here.  Attached to this email are several important documents describing what you can expect for this upcoming year and important practices to follow.


School day/ Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


We are back to our regular school hours this year. The student day is from 7:50-2:10. Please plan to have your child arrive no earlier than 7:35. Beginning at 7:35, we have staff available to supervise children as they enter the school campus. Students will line up for arrival and dismissal at designated locations for their classroom, all of which will be on the playground side of our building. Cones will be set out indicating where classrooms should line up. We will also have cones indicating where parents should wait for their child to be dismissed to them. It is important to avoid congestion in our student lines, so we are asking parents to say their goodbyes and be prepared to receive their children at the end of the day at designated areas, marked by cones, away from student lines. Tomorrow’s open house (2-2:30 for grades K-2 and 2:30-3 for grades 3-5) will be a good opportunity to see and practice this with your child.


Busing Information


Bus Routes for the 2021-22 school year are available now. Families can find their bus route by checking StudentVue or ParentVue. We encourage families to look at their bus route to ensure accuracy and request changes if needed before the first day of school.


We also want to let families know that your student’s school bus might look a little different than years past. That’s because the school district, in partnership with First Student Bus Company, has reorganized bus routes to make the school bus experience inclusive for all students while maximizing ridership and improving efficiency of routes to minimize the amount of time it takes to get to and from school.


For some students, that means they will ride a bus historically reserved for students who need medical accommodations and specialized bus services. These buses are smaller in size with special equipment to aid students who need help getting on and off the bus. Just like the classroom, students of all abilities will ride every type of bus together this school year. This change aligns with school district beliefs while optimizing bus routes for increased efficiency. It also cuts down on the number of bus routes required.


To increase general school bus safety as well as protect against COVID-19, there are a few additional changes we would like to share with families. This school year, students who ride the bus will be assigned a seat number to aid in contact tracing. This will solidify consistency for bus drivers and the nursing team in the event that an individual tests positive for COVID-19. It also decreases the likelihood that a student would need to quarantine while increasing overall bus safety. As a reminder, face coverings will continue to be required for all staff and students while riding the bus. We appreciate the partnership of students and families as we implement these protocols for the 2021-22 school year.



School lunches are provided free of charge again this year. Students may select from two lunch options. Teachers will ask students if they need lunch for the day each morning and indicate their lunch selection to the kitchen. Students will eat lunch either outside, weather permitting, or in their classrooms.


Student Chromebooks

Please send school chromebooks with your students on the first day of school with the power cord and plan to leave it at school in the classroom. Please take a moment to be sure your student can login correctly. New students will receive a chromebook at school.


Thank you for your support and partnership. We are incredibly excited to welcome back our students attending in person 5 days a week and connect with those attending through the WKOA program.


As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.


With thanks,



Patrick Minor


Willamette Primary School