Principal's Message


Dear Willamette families,

Even though this break will look very different than what we would have envisioned last year, I hope you are able to enjoy the holiday as much as possible.  Like so many of you, this is a time of year when I reflect on all I am grateful for. Studies have shown how gratitude can strengthen positive relationships, build resilience, and improve health- which is vital for this school year.  While I have much to be thankful for, I am especially grateful for how our community keeps showing up for our families and students. One of the best parts of a typical school day is when we greet students at our classroom doors, in the gym, and in our hallways. The simple act of welcoming our students is rejuvenating- we let them know they are welcomed and  we have shown up yet again to care for them, to teach them, and to be together as a community. 

I am grateful for how our staff, students, and families keep showing up together, even at a distance this year. Our exceptional staff continues to show up each and every day- guiding, teaching, coaching and celebrating successes with our students, just as we have done countless times before. I am grateful for the way our students continue to show up- eager to learn and ready to work hard. It is a daily inspiration to see our students joining their classes- from bedrooms, dinner tables, childcare providers- to do their best work and learning in all sorts of different circumstances. I am grateful for our families, who work countless hours to ensure our children are prepared for class, coaching them through difficult moments, serving as IT support, even as we all know the different challenges they are facing as they juggle their professional responsibilities. I am grateful for our Willamette community, who continually works to find new ways to connect and support each other through these challenging times.   Our entire community has found ways to show up and be present together, even at distance. Showing up and being present with our students is a powerful act- even though we now do this through a computer screen and not within the hallways and classrooms of our building. While no day goes by without a challenge,  it is our collective commitment to being present with each other in these challenging times, which gives me tremendous hope. For this, I am grateful and thankful to be a part of our Willamette community

With gratitude,




Patrick Minor


Willamette Primary School