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Lowrie Primary School
28995 SW Brown Rd 
Wilsonville, OR 97070
School Hours
7:50am to 2:10pm
AM Kindergarten
7:50am to 10:30am

October 3rd
There are many ways to help raise money during the Wheel A Thon!
* Make Mr. Meigs sweat!  Make him do a lap, $20 each!  Bring in your $20 and put your name up on the chart, then get your picture taken with him at the Wheel A Thon before he sweats for Lowrie!
* Online!  Register your child at  www.99pledges.com/fund/wheel .  Then share on social media, or email out of town relatives to donate online!
* Students can bring in donations each morning, as well!
* Remember, if we reach our $16,000 goal, Mr. Meigs dies his hair green for a day!  We are already over $10,000 with sponsors and our first day of donations!!!
Sign up to volunteer  during the wheel a thon, or wheel with your child at: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080e4aabac22a31-lowries1

8:45-9:15 Kinder (shortened track)

9:15-9:45 First 

9:45-10:15 Third

10:15-10:45 Second

10:45-11:15 Fourth

11:15-11:45 Fifth

October 6-Evening
Octubre 6-en la tarde
October 7-Evening
 Octubre 7-en la tarde
October 8th-Day Conferences
Octubre 8-Conferencias en el dia
October 9th-Day Conferences
Octubre 9-Conferencias en el dia
 Conferences are an incredibly important part of the school year. They are a wonderful opportunity for teachers and parents to share, learn and set goals in regards to a child and their academic and social growth.  This goal setting is based on what teachers have learned about your child thus far and from the valuable insight that you have about your child’s learning.  What is critical about this partnership is the collective wisdom and planning that occurs during a conference to ensure that each child is on winning streak in their learning and connections here at school. I know that teachers are looking forward to these conferences and to the opportunity to strengthen the important bond between home and school.
Las Conferencias son una parte increiblemente importante del año escolar.  Son una oportunidad maravillosa para maestros y padres de compartir, aprender y poner objetivos en referencia al crecimiento social y academico de un estudiante.  Esta puesta esta basada en lo que los maestros han aprendido acerca de su estudiante hasta ahora y forman una vista interna valorable que puede tener acerca del aprendizaje de su niño.  Lo que es critico acerca de esta colaboracion, en la sabiduria colectiva y planeamiento que ocurre durante esta, para asegurarse que su niño esta en una buena racha en su aprendizaje y conecciones aqui en la escuela. Se que los maestros estan esperando con ansias estas conferencias y la oportunidad de fortalecer el vinculo entre la casa y la escuela.



The old online payment website is no longer in use for the West Linn – Wilsonville School District.

  The West Linn – Wilsonville School District is in the process of putting a new and improved nutrition software system in place. Thank you for your patience as we set up this new system. We appreciate your continued support of the school nutrition program and look forward to serving your student a nutritious and great tasting lunch to enhance their school day.

Please do not hesitate to contact Rhonda, Sandy or Cynthia in the central nutrition office if you need any assistance during this transition.

Thank you!




Want to volunteer? Please contact your child's teacher or office staff
Quiere ser volutario? Por favor contacte al maestro de su estudiante o al personal de oficina