Message from the Principal

  • Welcome to Bolton! I am proud to introduce you to our school.

    At Bolton you will see children and their teachers engaged in meaningful work in all academic areas and immersed in the process of inquiry in which they are exploring their questions and ideas to develop skills for thought and action in the world.

    At Bolton, we intentionally explore our natural outdoor environments and create opportunities to learn in, from and about nature. We understand that interacting with our natural outdoor environment is essential for academic growth and physical and emotional health. Teachers and support staff structure learning so children can contribute to environmental and sustainability efforts while they are involved in authentic opportunities for leadership within the school, the community and the larger world.

    Music, art and physical education are skillfully integrated into all areas of our curriculum. Students have the opportunity to learn and perform dances, songs and plays. In all of our classrooms students are engaged in creative writing, public speaking, pottery, drawing and other visual arts. Beautiful work, created by our children, is proudly displayed throughout our school.

    At Bolton all children are understood as youngsters who are engaged in the complexities of human relationships and are naturally faced with ethical dilemmas in which they are supported to make positive choices. Each child, in every grade, is a valued learner and member of our community. Teachers and Parents in the

    Bolton Community work together to make sure all children joyfully enter school every day, ready to take on new challenges and adventures.

    We welcome you and invite you to come and visit us!



    Holly Omlin-Ruback, D.Ed.

    Principal, Bolton Primary School