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Principal's Letter

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    At the beginning of the school year, our staff gathered and developed our collective vision for our school community. At Trillium Creek, we are committed to creating a Culture of Excellence and Equity within a Community of Care. We circle around each and every child to support and challenge them as they dream and explore along their educational journey. We continually work to achieve this vision and have made great progress in building on the strong foundation established over the past five years.

    At this point in the school year, as we reflect upon our growth and achievements, I want to highlight the Community of Care portion of our vision. The climate and culture of a school is vital to ensuring the best possible environment for learning. We have joined with parents, students, and staff to revise our systems of student support with a special focus on promoting positive character traits. Each month we focus on a different "Pillar of Character" and teachers and students incorporate these traits into their teaching and learning. We highlight each trait during our school-wide Morning Meetings and recognize students that embody or made significant growth in developing a specific "pillar."

    We have also revised the guidelines that shape our school. We call these the "Three C’s of Trillium Creek." They consist of three basic statements:

    1. I care for myself
    2. I care for others
    3. I care for my community

    Our goal to help students develop a sense of personal responsibility, empathy for others and respect for our environment. Individuals and whole groups receive positive feedback in the form of "Give a Hoots." These small tickets of recognition help promote a healthy school environment where everyone feels welcomed and valued.

    Every day the entire school gathers in the gym for Morning Meeting, and before we return to our classrooms, we all say "Make it a GREAT day at Trillium Creek." This message sets the intention for the day and moves us closer to realizing our vision. We realize that "creating a Culture of Excellence and Equity within a Community of Care for each and every child" is aspirational and that we still have room for growth. However, we are committed to this growth and invite all that visit our website to partner with us in making each day a great day at Trillium Creek!

    Thank you,

    Jim Mangan, Principal

School Information

  • Kindergarten registration for the 2019-20 school year is open!
    Packets are available online or in the office.

     1025 SW Rosemont Road
    West Linn, OR 97068

    First day of 2019-2020 Year is August 26th
    Office reopens August 12th

    Regular School Hours:

    7:50 am - 2:10 pm

    Regular Office Hours:
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    Summer Office Hours 
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    Office closed starting 6/20/19