Trillium Creek Primary School

General Information for Families


  • Please do your best to ensure that all children arrive at school by 7:45 am each school day as school begins at 7:50 am.  Students who arrive after 7:50 am will be marked tardy.

    Students will gather in the gym and their teacher will accompany them to their classroom.  

    Students should not arrive before 7:35 am when we have staff ready to supervise them.



Parent Email

  • We communicate with our families through email for general newsletters, announcements, and emergency information Please go to the ListServ Management page at to subscribe. It is important that we have your current email address in our system. Unless you subscribe, you will NOT be in our email system and therefore will not receive newsletter or announcements. You can also subscribe to the Flash Alert system on the same Listserv Manager page. This site alerts you via email or text message about any school closures.


  • We look forward to seeing your child at school each day. If your child is absent or tardy, he/she is missing important instruction, and your child's attendance has an effect on our School Report Card issued by the State Oregon Department of Education each year.

    If your child is ill and not able to come to school, please call or email the office at 503-673-7950 by 8:00 am. You may also fill out a short attendance form through your FamilyLink account. This form sends an email to the office letting them know why your child is missing school. 

    Parents are called or emailed when children are not at school if we have no information about why they are absent.  

Buses / Vehicles

  • Parking can be congested at the beginning and ending of school. We strongly encourage families to have their children walk or ride their bike to school or take the school bus if they are beyond the one-mile walking distance. If there is a line-up of cars in the morning to drop-off students, wait your turn to get up to the yellow curb by the front of the building. This is our drop-off area. It's important to pull up as far as you can next to the yellow curb before letting your child leave your car. All cars should go one way through the parking lot, follow the sidewalk, then along the yellow curb area in the front before exiting to along the front driveway. In the morning, do not park and leave your car along the front yellow curb to walk your child to the door. If you want to walk your child in the building, park in either the upper or front parking lot or along the white curb by the bridge and use the sidewalk and crosswalks to the main front door. The east parking lot is only for school buses and staff parking. Students and parents may use the crosswalk from Bay Meadows and enter through the east doors. Do not park in the fire lanes at any time. Please be courteous to the school staff and other parents. We want everyone to be safe. For information relating to bus routes, please call the school or see the bus maps on the bulletin board across from the office.

    At dismissal, you may park along the yellow front curb or in the front and upper parking lots and walk up to pick up your child. Students will walk through the front door and along the gym side. Be sure to have eye contact with your child's teacher before taking your child from his/her class line.

    During school events, parking is limited. We encourage all to carpool and for those who live close to school to walk, if possible. There is no parking along the driveway as this is a fire lane and vehicles may be subject to towing.

Midday Child Pickup

  • If you must pick your child up during the school day, be sure to allow extra time to come into the school office and sign your child out. We will not release a child unless a parent or someone with clear, written permission from the custodial parent comes into the office. If you are picking your child up after school, we ask that parents wait outside by the front doors. Each class must walk by this area. Never take your child out of the class line, instead go up to the teacher, identify yourself and the teacher will release the child to you. When there is a substitute, it is important that you follow this procedure.

Lunch Program

  • Each grade level has a 20 minute lunch, and longer if needed.

    We use a debit system for parents to manage their child's lunch account. Send your child's lunch money to the office with your child's name and lunch ID number on the front of an envelope. If you have more than one child and want the amount you send in equally divided among the accounts, be sure to specify this on the envelope. If your child will be eating school lunch, you will want to add money to the account on a regular basis. Online Access to your child's account balance is available through our school's website with your child's pin number. You can get your child's pin number from his/her teacher or call the school office. Another way to request your child's pin is to send an email to one of our secretaries.

    The lunch menus can be found on our District website at Menus will not be sent home. Go to District Departments and then to Food Service to find this information. You may also pay on your child's account through SchoolPay.

    Student lunch, including milk: $3.20
    Single milk/juice: $0.50
    Adult Lunch: $4.20

Free and Reduced Meals / Title One Funding

  • Benefits for Free/Reduced Meals carry over for only a few weeks each fall. In September, it's important that families reapply for free and reduced prices for the breakfast and lunch program. This application aids children in receiving the nutrition they need daily. Students approved for reduced benefits will receive their meal at a reduced charge. The application form is available in English and Spanish at our District website Go to District Departments and then to Nutrition Service. It was mailed home with your child's placement. If you need another one, please pick it up in the office. The free/reduced meals request form must be filled out as soon as possible for families to receive new or continuing benefits.

Health and Safety Guidelines

    • Students and adults strive to be healthy by washing hands often, using tissues, and coughing into their arms. Students do not share food items or hair brushes with others.
    • Students do not leave the school grounds during the school day without the permission from the custodial parent and the knowledge of the school office. Students are released to custodial parents and those on the registration emergency list unless there is a legal restraining order.
    • If students are to leave or go home with a friend, they must bring a signed note from custodial parent and go to the office for a bus note if riding a different bus.
    • Different pick-up or going home arrangements must be made prior to the start of school. Students will not be allowed to call home from the office to make plans to go to someone's house after school.
    • At dismissal, students must go straight to the prearranged place.
    • We are teaching children to eat healthy, nutritional food. Therefore, students should bring healthy, appropriate foods. It's important that children learn to identify the nutritional value and sugar content of foods they eat. We request that you do not send soda pop.
    • Only students with signed permission field trip letters will be allowed to leave the school on a planned field trip. If your child does not have a signed permission slips and we are not able to reach you, he/she will remain at school and not be able to attend the field trip.
    • Playground equipment should be used appropriately during school days, in the evenings and on weekends.

Medication / Allergies

  • Be sure to fill out a medical release form from the office if your child will be taking any medication at school. We are under strict rules from both the state and our district regarding medication distribution. Children are not allowed to transport any medication to and from school. It must be in the original container and a form must accompany the medication. You may pick up a form any time from the office. If your child has a food allergy, let the office know so that we can alert the school nurse. Also, talk to your child's teacher and supply his/her treats for class parties. It is best if the teacher has these in the classroom throughout the year. The school nurse will also be notified so that your child will receive a medical protocol from your doctor to follow if needed.

Student Property & Dress Guidelines

    • Money and valuables are the responsibility of the individual student.
    • Toys should be left at home unless a child wishes to bring something special for classroom sharing, and it is approved by the classroom teacher.
    • Playground equipment is provided by the school.
    • Weapons or toy weapons of any kind are not to be taken on the bus or brought to school. They will be confiscated, parents will be called and students are subject to suspension.
    • Many families choose to give their child a cell phone. Cell phones brought to school should be kept in student backpacks and not used to make calls or text messages during the school day without a staff member's permission. If a child needs to contact you during the school day, he/she should use a school phone with a staff member's permission.


    Student Dress Guidelines
    1.  Layering of clothing is highly recommended
    2.  No spaghetti straps, halter tops or tube tops
    3.  Necklines should be 'modest' and provide full coverage
    4.  No bare midriff or torso revealing tops
    5.  Tops should overlap waistbands (seated or standing)
    6.  At no time should underwear be visible
    7.  Skirts and shorts should not be shorter than approximately mid-thigh in length
    8.  Tights and spandex attire should be covered with other appropriate clothing
    9.  No clothing or jewelry should promote drugs, offensive language, alcohol or other offensive matter

Evacuation Procedures and Security

  • Each year we practice security and evacuation procedures with our students so that staff and students remain safe should an emergency arise at our school. We will be practicing fire drills on a monthly basis and also earthquake drills throughout the school year. Our staff is prepared with security measures in case a special need arises. In addition, the District has emergency handbooks posted in each classroom so that procedures are readily available to anyone who may need them. In the event of an emergency, requiring students to go home during the school day or an individual medical emergency, the school staff follows the information on the student registration forms. Therefore, please be sure that phone numbers and adults you trust your child(ren) with are current on the registration cards. Please call and change this information as needed throughout the school year.

    All doors, except the doors by our office are locked during the school day. All visitors must stop in the office upon entering the building. All visitors and volunteers MUST wear a name badge whenever in the building. These are given out in the office after signing in. Following our security procedures is necessary for all adults.

Student Supplies

  • A supply list is available at our website as well as a printed copy in the office. If you would like assistance in obtaining these supplies, please call our counselor or the school office at 503-673-7950. Next spring our PTA offers an easy way to order supplies for the following year through a company from which parents order a kit containing the items for each grade level. Students should also have a book bag and wear tennis shoes daily. We want each child to be safe when they play during their two daily recesses and participate in activities. Therefore, students should wear tennis shoes to school daily and always on the days they have their PE/Wellness class.

Student Responsibilities and Rights

  • Be sure to read the District Guide to Student Responsibilities and Rights that will be sent home in the first week packet. This will inform you and your child of policies and practices as they apply to student responsibilities and rights.

    At Trillium Creek Primary, the school rule is the Golden Rule: Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated. We believe that this guides the behaviors of children and adults, and along with modeling appropriate behaviors, creates a safe environment with individuals taking responsibility for their choices. Through common expectations and language, we work together to promote respectful and responsible behaviors throughout our school community. When needed, an appropriate progression of interventions occur from logical consequences to time-out for thinking, alternative activities, retribution, and in the event of serious or ongoing behavior issues, suspensions from school. Please talk to your child about following the health, safety and property listed below. More details and guidelines are located in the District Guide to Student Responsibilities and Rights booklet.

Scholastic Book Orders

  • Ordering books through the Scholastic Book Company is a service our grade levels often provide to our families. This is done at varying times throughout the school year by grade level teams. Each fall, classroom teachers will let families know if their grade level is participating in this service. Book order forms are then either sent home or accessed by families after teachers set up an online account for their classroom. Teachers will alert parents when new order forms are available through their class newsletters. If you need access to a computer to make an online Scholastic Book Order purchase, let our office know and we will make one available to you.

    Each year our school also has a Book Fair allowing students and families to purchase books either at the school or onsite during a specified week. Information for the Book Fair and order forms will be in our online school newsletter prior to the event. Be sure to sign up on our listserv so that you receive our weekly school newsletter.


  •  We will have two class celebrations: a Celebration of Friendship on a Friday afternoon close to Valentine's Day, and a Celebration of Learning on the last full day of school in June, also in the afternoon.  Classroom teachers will coordinate these parties with parents.  Please be aware that there may be children who have food allergies in the classroom. Therefore, talk to the teacher before sending treats or offering food to the children in the classroom.  Teachers at each grade level plan parties together so that they are similar and costs are low.  

    We do not hold classroom birthday celebrations.  However, if your child does wish to bring something for the class, we encourage a book to donate to the school library that would include your child's name and date on the inside cover.  We will not be having food as part of a birthday recognition.

    Students cannot bring personal party invitations to be distributed at school.  Parents are encouraged to purchase a school directory each year.


Latex Balloon Policy

  • Starting in September of 2004 the West Linn - Wilsonville SD has adopted a latex free policy in all of its buildings. This means parents and students are no longer allowed to bring any latex balloons to the school at any time. The change in this policy reflects the increasing number of people with severe latex allergies, some even life threatening. Mylar balloons are acceptable.


  • We are working to decrease the amount of paper that goes home. Therefore, be sure to go to our website and update your current email address on ListServ throughout the school year. Weekly newsletters from the school and your teacher will be sent online. Only parent's requesting a paper copy will receive one. You will also receive periodic news briefs, reminders, and emergency notification through email. We appreciate your help with this effort!

Visiting and Volunteering at School

  • We invite you to come to school to visit and volunteer. When you arrive, please enter through the front doors. All other doors in the building are locked for safety. Ann Crawford and Dawn Gunther, our wonderful secretaries, will be in the office to greet you and have you sign in each time you work or visit the school. All visitors and volunteers must wear a name badge when you are in the building or on a field trip with your child's class.

    Parent volunteers must complete an online background statement before being approved for volunteering in the classroom or on field trips.  Click here to register to volunteer.

Questions / Communication

  • Developing a relationship with you is very important to our school staff. The communication between you, your child and your child's teacher is important to your child's education. Be sure to call, email or write a note if you have any questions, concerns or compliments. Having accurate information will aid both you and our staff in working together to meet your child's needs. You can reach your child's teacher by calling the school office and accessing the extension to their classroom. Individual teachers do not have individual phone numbers. The staff is committed to returning phone messages as soon as possible. If you have an urgent message or need, please call the school office number 503-673-7950.

Equal Opportunity

  • It is the policy of the West Linn-Wilsonville Board of Education and School District that no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, national origin, age or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment shall occur. Persons having questions about equal opportunity and nondiscrimination should contact the Personnel Director at the West Linn-Wilsonville School District, 503-673-7000.