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Working Together

  • Welcome to Wood!

    Posted by Kat Budiao at 8/21/2017 2:15:00 PM



    August 21, 2017


    Dear Wood Families,


    We are happy to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year.  It is an exciting time to be a member of the Inza Wood Middle School Community. We are opening our doors this fall with a new look, many new faces and a smaller student body. We are confident that Wood Middle School will be a place where each student, staff member, parent volunteer and community member contributes to “bettering the learning of their self and others”.  We have focused our work this summer on what we call the “Wood Way”.  Here are our four tenets:


            At Wood we:

    Work to grow as learners

    Work to grow as a community

    Work to improve the world around us

    Strive to be the best version of our self


    We ask you to join us and embrace these tenets as a way of thinking about learning, school involvement and in the decisions we make.  


    In addition to many amazing returning staff members, I am pleased to introduce our new to Wood, staff members. Please join me in welcoming them to our team!


    Assistant Principal : Joey King joins us from the Hillsboro School District where he has most recently been a school counselor.


    Counselor: Erin Block joins us from the east coast where she has finished her graduate studies and brings community-based experiences working with adolescents and families.


    Math Teacher: Rob Arndt has most recently taught Math in the Salem-Keizer School District and joins us a teacher and community member.


    August 29th is the first day for 6th grade students. Wood student Ambassadors will help facilitate this day. Each sixth grader will participate in each class, some small group activities and an assembly. Students may purchase lunch or bring their own.


    August 30th: ALL students return to school.


    School Day: Students attend school from 9:15 to 3:45 each day. When students arrive they need to enter the building in supervised areas. We appreciate it that students arrive after 8:45 in the morning. We provide supervision for students at that time.


    Lockers: Each student will be assigned their own locker. For safety and security reasons, all students will be expected to keep their backpacks in their lockers during the school day. We appreciate your support in this matter. Additionally, students are responsible for keeping their locks throughout the year. Students who have misplaced or lost a lock will need to purchase a replacement lock.


    In building student schedules we have done our best to consider individual student needs while thoughtfully crafting the complexities of a middle school schedule. We will fix mistakes on schedules. There are limitations for other schedule change requests. Each teacher will work with your child to make this a great year! Schedules will be available on Family Link. You can access this through the school website. To access family link use the primary email address you have provided to the school. First time users, use the forgot password link to have a password sent to the email we have on file. We will have printed copies available on the first day of school as well.


    Daily Schedule: All students will go to each of their six classes each day of the week. Our new schedule will be in the student planner.


    Meals: Breakfast is served after 8:50 in the morning for $1.95 and lunch can be purchased for $3.45. Families may apply for free or reduced rates for breakfast and lunch. Forms need to be completed at the beginning of each school year. They are included in this packet. Several of our lunches occur after noon. Teachers will talk with students about bringing a healthy morning snack to one of their morning classes.

    Bus Routes: Updated bus routes can be found on the school district web-site: Students who ride their bikes or skateboards need to secure them with a lock in the designated areas.


    School Supply lists can be found on our school website I encourage families needing support with school supplies to please reach out to our school counselor Erin Block.


    Mark your calendar for these future dates:

    August                      29 First Day Sixth Grade

                                    30 First Day ALL Students                    

    September               4   No School: Labor Day (Holiday)

                                    14 Back to School Night

                                27 Early Release: Professional Growth Day

    October                    11 Evening Conferences

                                    12 Conferences

                                    13 Statewide In-service Day

                                    25 Early Release: Professional Growth Day

    October                    30   Certified Work Day

    November                10   No School: Veteran’s Day (Holiday)

                                    20-24 No School: Staff Development Day/Thanksgiving

    December                6 Early Release: Professional Growth Day

                                    18-29 Winter Break


    I am looking forward to getting to know all of you. Please join me in embracing the “Wood Way” and starting a great school year.


    Kelly Schmidt



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  • Find Your Everest!

    Posted by Leah Torres at 4/28/2017

    Every year, Wood Middle School students select a book that the whole school reads in a tradition known as "Wood Reads". This year, the book selected by the Wood Reads Student Committee is"No Summit Out of Sight", the true story of Jordan Romero who climbed Mt. Everest at age 13 and became the youngest person to climb the seven summits. Recently, 6th grade students were asked to "find their Everest". They selected a goal and thought of the steps they would take to get there. Their "summits" included winning first place in the 100 meters, owning an environmentally green company, getting a book published, visiting all 50 states, and becoming an astronomer. Dream big, Wood Middle School students!

    Find your everest

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  • The Science of Birds

    Posted by Leah Torres at 4/25/2017

    Students in 8th grade ornithology academy classes are applying their algebra skills and their newfound knowledge of birds to create habitats for different local bird types.

    Bird habit

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  • 7th Graders Shredding It!

    Posted by Leah Torres at 4/25/2017

    shred day

    Wood Middle School 7th Graders hosted a shred day fundraiser as part of their Community and Beyond work. Students give back to their school community by supporting team building events for future 7th graders. And they give back to the wider community through volunteer efforts throughout the school year.

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  • Library Engineers

    Posted by Leah Torres at 4/24/2017


    Ms. Dobson, our Teacher Librarian, invites students to participate in STEM exploration activities at lunch.

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  • It's All About Perspective!

    Posted by Leah Torres at 3/3/2017

    Students in Ms. Cerasin's art class created these amazing art installations around the school. Groups of students took photos of various areas in and around the school, created perspective line drawing of the photos, and then scaled them to life-sized displays using blue masking tape. Beautiful!

    Perspective art

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  • It's Science!

    Posted by Leah Torres at 1/5/2017

    Scientists in Ms. Hanthorn's class explore the properties of matter.

    Hanthorn science class

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  • Stay Golden

    Posted by Leah Torres at 10/10/2016

    students learning about the characters in the Outsiders Seventh grade language arts students participate in a "Rumble", an activity to build their background knowledge of the characters before reading the novel, The Outsiders.


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  • Pinwheels for Peace

    Posted by Leah Torres at 10/3/2016

    Pinwheels for Peace Art students at Wood Middle School created pinwheels that reflected symbols of peace and their hopes for a peaceful world. The 8th grade art students then installed a display of the pinwheels for the International Day of Peace, September 21, 2016.

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  • Checkmate!

    Posted by Leah Torres at 12/2/2015

    Chess Club Since October, students at Wood Middle School have been learning how to play competitive chess. They meet once a week to learn the rules and strategy of play. One sixth grade student said he joined the club because his brother learned how to play at Lowrie Primary School, and he was intrigued by the game. At the club's first meeting, he was already learning how to gain an advantage. "The first thing we learned was how to take down an opponent in two moves. That was amazing! I'd never learned anything like that!" After Thanksgiving, players were introduced to the game clocks. "You have to finish a game in five minutes, so you really have to think fast! That's the best part. It's exciting to have to move fast and still make a good move." A huge "thank you" goes out to the Wilsonvile Rotary for starting and supporting the chess club at IWMS, and to our volunteer coaches who are teaching a lifelong love of the game!

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