• Club List

    Inza R. Wood Middle School

    There are so many ways to get involved here at Wood Middle School. Find a club or
    three to get involved, make friends, and have a fantastic time! If you can’t find a club that
    interests you, you might be able to start your own with the support of a staff member.

    Club Name: Advanced Choir

    When we meet: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 8:00am-9:00pm
    Supervising teacher: Ms. Kaeli Porter
    What we do: Advanced choir is for students who are motivated and passionate about singing!! All
    students who are involved in a music class (band, choir or orchestra) are invited to audition for this
    fantastic experience!! We will learn tons of music, go on field trips, and represent our school at concerts
    and festivals around the state!!

    Club Name: Science Fair Club

    Supervising Teacher: Ms. Haefner & Ms. Hanthorn
    What we do: In this club, we will explore and investigate the world around us, focusing on inquiry
    driven work through problem solving and engineering. You will discover the basic concepts of the
    inquiry and engineering processes and will create a science project that includes discussion, research,
    experimentation, reading and teamwork. The knowledge that you gain will help you to be more
    successful at problem solving and creating and carrying out a scientific experiment, investigating and/or
    solving problems. This club does require a weekly commitment from November through March and will
    involve work outside of club meeting times such as collecting data.

    Club Name: Library Leads

    When we meet: Meet as needed, year-round
    Supervising teacher: Teacher-Librarian
    What we do: Library Leads take the reins in the library! We help with everything! Shelving and
    organizing... reviewing books and making recommendations... This year we are playing a lead role in
    running the Book Fair in Fall and Spring, and we have other literacy projects in the works! Join us any
    time at lunch...!

    Club Name: ORCA - Oregon Reader's Choice Award

    When we meet: 1 Spring Meeting - Date/Time TBA
    Supervising teacher: Teacher-Librarian
    What we do: Jump into reading excellent books with the ORCA group! Over the course of the school
    year, we read all 8 middle level ORCA books and earn a place on our end of year field trip to Powell's
    bookstore in downtown Portland and a pizza lunch! Also, we are eligible to vote for our favorite book in
    a real-life democratic process, weighing in with students across Oregon about which book is the best!

    Club Name: Wood Reads

    When we meet: Meetings begin in the spring, Date/Time TBA
    Supervising teacher: Teacher - Librarian
    What we do: We select one book each year to read as an entire school! Every student and teacher gets
    their own personal copy, lessons and assemblies are designed around this book, and we always invite the
    author to come and meet us in the spring! If you'd like to be a part of piloting, discussing and selecting
    next year's Wood Reads book, then this group is for you!

    Club Name: Track & Field

    When we meet: April-May, Monday-Friday after school
    Supervising teacher: Ms. Allison Bonn-Savage, Ms. Justine
    Sutton, Ms. Ashley Hafner, and Mr. Jesse Skinner.
    What we do: During this eight week season students will learn to compete in the sport of track and
    field. Events include the long jump, high jump, discus, shot put, hurdles and various distance and sprint
    events. This is a great way for students to enjoy the adventurous, Oregon spring weather.

    Club Name: Cross Country

    When we meet: September-October, Monday-Friday after school
    Supervising teacher: Mr. Jason Rasco, Ms. Allison Bonn-Savage, and Ms. Hafner
    What we do: During this seven week season students will train and compete in up to six different
    meets. The goal of our program is to help to develop a joy and passion for running while fostering a
    growth mindset.

    Club Name: Homework Club

    When we meet: Thursdays, 3:50 pm-5:10pm after school, year-round
    Supervising teacher: Mr. Bell, Ms. Haefner and various teachers
    What we do: Students have the opportunity to come in for extra help from various teachers to support
    their classes. Students are expected to come with enough work to keep them busy for the full hour and
    20 mins. They sign in on the SW porch and are expected to stay in the classroom the entire time.

    Club Name: Jr. Scoop

    When we meet: Year round