Click this link to go to FamilyLink for online grades.

    1. Enter your ID and password.
    2. Then click Schedule / Current Progress to view your schedule and grades.

    Teachers update online progress reports at least once every two weeks. This is not a tool for daily monitoring of student assignments, but rather a means of tracking your student’s progress toward mastering the essential skills and content in their classes.

    During the first few weeks of the semester, teachers may not have collected enough work (final drafts of significant assignments) to post grades online.

    Many teachers post these progress reports in a standards-based format. This means the report shows your student’s progress toward Learning Targets for the specific knowledge and skills the students are learning in the class. Using Learning Targets helps students, teachers and parents identify the specific areas where a student is doing well and those areas where they still need additional support and improvement.

    Troubleshooting note: Some parents have found that the most updated version of grades do not always show up when they check at home. This is sometimes due to your browser cache file. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari can store an earlier version of  a webpage to make it quicker to load in the future. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes your browser will show the old grades even though teachers have posted newer versions online.
    To solve this problem: Try clearing the browser cache file or browsing history. You may also want to try using a different browser. If you still see older versions of the grades online, please contact the teacher or  Mr. King.


    For keeping track of daily work and assignments, students will use their planner. All students should be recording meaningful information in their planner each day. This includes homework, but also what they learned in class, what learning targets they are working toward, and reflections about what they are continuing to learn.