Tech Tip Videos

Posted by Joey King on 9/29/2020

Here are a series of videos that demonstrate some helpful technology tips both for students and for parents/guardians.


How to Access ParentVUE

StudentVUE Tutorial

Google Classroom Walkthrough

Zoom Audio Check

Zoom Video Option

Split Screen Hack for Chromebooks


Troubleshooting Tips


If you find that your student is having issues with sound during a Zoom meeting, you may want to try these tips.

  1. Have the student turn off their camera when speaking.
  2. Make sure they don’t have too many tabs open while Zooming.

If you notice that they are cutting in and out during a Zoom, you may want to try these tips.

  1. They can leave the meeting and try connecting again.
  2. Make sure they are near their modem or router for a stronger signal.
  3. Have them perform a reset on their Chromebook.

To reset their Chromebook they need to press the refresh key on the keyboard (above the 4 key) and the power button.

After it powers off, they can press the power button on the keyboard to turn it back on and sign back in.


If they are still experiencing issues, have them or their parents open up a Tekmee ticket so that I can further troubleshoot with them.


Here is the link to the Tekmee ticket system for families.