We proceeded on. . .

We proceeded on. . .

    The start of a new calendar year and a new decade means that we are setting out to explore more as we venture forth in our fourth grade year. After learning about landforms and geology around Oregon in the fall, and learning about Oregon's first inhabitants, the many Native peoples that called this region their home, we are now learning about Westward Expansion through exploration and immigration. We are learning about the addition of the Louisiana Territory as President Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase and sent Captain Meriwether Lewis to organize an expedition to explore this unknown addition that more than doubled the young United States. We will be learning about the journey to survey these unexplored lands by Captains Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery, but we will also consider the significance of this important historical event through differing perspectives, including those of the Native people and York, Captain Clark's slave that was part of the expedition.

    In math we are continuing our unit learning about measurement, conversion, and geometry. Currently we are developing better understanding about mathematical vocabulary to support understanding of geometric concepts; Words like parallel, perpendicular, polygon, acute, obtuse, right, congruent, etc.

    Our next research project will focus on animals as students choose one animal (from those encountered or discovered by Lewis & Clark in the American West) to research in depth and create a Google Slides presentation to present to their classmates in an oral presentation. We will be learning about animal classification, structure, adaptions, ecosystems, and predator-prey relationships among other things.


    Mr. M.