Trillium Creek Primary School Vision

  • While Trillium Creek Primary is a new school community, our foundation lies in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District's mission question, How do we create learning communities for the greatest thinkers and most thoughtful people for the world? Each year our teachers revisit and explore our hopes, dreams, and expectations of what they want for the children and all who come to this place we call Trillium Creek Primary. We reflect upon what we believe to be a 21st Century education using the District mission question as our foundation and take note of special words and language that best describes our thinking. This has come together around four key words that describe our vision for Trillium Creek Primary School:

    ~Explore~ ~Dream~ ~Challenge~ ~Journey~


    Trillium Creek Primary School is a place where students are captains of their own learning. They are involved in true inquiry and place-based projects that encourage connectedness to the world around us. We nurture a sense of wonder and help students to find ways to answer their own questions through collaboration with students, families, staff and the community. This Circle of Support are vital components to each of students' development as a learners and community members. At Trillium Creek, there are no boundaries to learning and discovery. The world is our classroom how can we explore it?


    Trillium Creek was designed to develop within students, teachers, and community a deeper sense of connection to the world around us. We value the togetherness the building brings to the community. We honor the curiosity and wonder children carry within. Our goal is to foster within students a sense of wonder, curiosity, and commitment to make our world a better place.


    We foster awareness of "place" knowing where we live, our connectedness to the world directly around us and how we can positively impact or community and planet. Trillium Creek is a place where agents of change are created and critical thinkers are supported and encouraged to become active and global citizens for the world.


    We believe in fostering responsible learners who take ownership over their own learning and dream of possibilities. We welcome all learners, keep them safe and nurture them along their journey. We are a student-centered community of explorers who are on journey to learn about our surroundings so we can rise to the challenge to make the world a better place.