Trillium Creek Mascot & School Colors

  • ---Jim Mangan, Trillium Creek Principal

    Here's a brief history of how we chose our mascot and school colors.

    In 2012 when Trillium opened, the 4th and 5th grade classes created criteria for school colors and a mascot. This was presented to the students, staff and families. It was important that the colors and mascot reminded all about the Trillium Creek Primary School site. They also needed to be something that we would or might see here at the school. We didn’t want something that another school already had. We wanted something that we would represent characteristics of our school and that we would be proud to showcase. Students then had the opportunity to work together with their classmates or families to write an essay describing their recommendation and why it would be appropriate to our school community.

    One hundred and six people suggested twenty different mascots. These included: Eagles, Snakes, Hornets, Kingfisher, Bulldog, Trout, Bluejay, Chipmunk, Red Tailed Hawks, Wolf, Fox, Tree Frog, Gray Crowned Crane, Bears, Deer, and the Owl. Twenty eight different color combinations were submitted with the clear majority being different versions of blue and green.

    The essays were then presented to the fifth graders. Because only a few submissions were recommended numerous times, they decided to submit the top three to the rest of the student body. The fifth graders then grouped themselves into those who wanted to promote each of the top three: the Owl, the Deer, and the Tree Frog. They worked together to write speeches using the information from the essays that were submitted.

    On Monday, November 5, 2012, fifth graders presented the top three recommended mascots to the K-5 students and staff and read the persuasive essays. Students had Monday to think about what they would vote for. On Tuesday, the students voted and before going home, it was announced that our Trillium Creek’s mascot would be the OWL and the school colors would be FOREST GREEN and CREEK BLUE! Each grade level overwhelmingly selected the Owl with the exception of first grade where it was a tie.

    Thank you to all who took the time to write, draw, and submit your inspiring recommendations. Everyone who entered a submission and who voted was an important part of the process. Each year we will move forward with pride as the TRILLIUM CREEK OWLS!


School Mascot

  • TCPS Owl Whooo do we want for the Trillium Creek School Mascot? I’ll tell you whooo. The Owl, that's Whooo!

    The owl is our mascot because owls are keen, knowledgeable creatures. Like the students at Trillium, the owl is a peaceful creature. The curious owl sits quietly, silently, observing and watching with its wide eyes. Trillium students do the same things, with a sense of wide eyed wonder! Owls can turn their heads 270 degrees. This helps them to look around their environment. They keep their ecosystem healthy, and we are learning to be stewards of our environment, too.

    Owls are wise seekers, searching the woodlands like Trillium students seek out books in the library. Impossible to stop, strong and accurate, owls are like the students of Trillium as we meet new learning challenges and grow wiser as we conquer our mistakes and fears. Swift and wise, owls glide through the forest near Trillium Creek, where students in classrooms soar through their learning.

    Throughout history, owls have gained a reputation for being wise, thoughtful and trustworthy. There are many stories and poems that include owls as intelligent, helpful characters. In this way the owl is a great role model for others.

    The perfect mascot for Trillium Creek Primary School is the Owl!

School Colors

  • Forest Green and Creek Blue were chosen by the students of Trillium Creek Primary School to be our school colors.

    Green is eco-friendly and we have a beautiful green forest and meadow that we play in each day. Forest green is the color of nature. It is symbolic for learning, thinking and developing a positive growth mindset. Blue stands for the Trillium Creek headwaters that are on our school property. Blue also represents fresh ideas, movement, thought, and the calming sky and environment.

    We will wear Forest Green and Creek Blue with pride!