West Linn Centennial Book

  • TCPS First Day staff and students Trillium Creek Primary School is honored to be represented on West Linn's Centennial quilt. As West Linn celebrates 100th years, Trillium Creek Primary School celebrates our Inaugural Year! The picture of the 468 students and forty five staff members who opened the school are proudly displayed on the quilt square on the first day of school.

    Trillium Creek Primary School represents the change in education and the place we call school. The school campus has a varied outside environment that includes grassy play areas, gardens, and more than three acres of forested wetlands for the children to explore through outdoor learning experiences.

    Students, teachers, administrators, architects and design specialists were involved in designing this unique school. Classrooms are arranged around neighborhoods that support shared spaces, collaboration, and a sense of community between students and teachers. Splashes of bright colors stem from students voicing desires to have vibrant learning spaces and the tiled oriels extend the classroom space. The living room of the school is the library, featuring a variety of comfy spaces for children to read and study individually or in small or large groups. A kid friendly slide brings smiles to faces as students quickly move from the top floor to the library check-out.

    Trillium Creek Primary School has opportunities for students to learn about sustainability through:

    • multiple windows to bring in the natural daylight
    • energy efficiency through the heating, lighting, and ventilation systems
    • native landscaping and rooftop gardens
    • innovative water use reduction strategies, such as harvesting rainwater to promote effective storm water management

    The concepts of community, collaboration, and teaming along with the see-through design reinforces the public nature of the work of teaching and learning. Education and school environments have come a long way in 100 years! What will education be like on West Linn's 200th birthday!