School Year Calendars

  • 2019-2020 School Calendars (Adopted January 14, 2019) 

    August 5, 2019 Update: The School Board approved the following changes for the 2019-20 school year. The end of Quarter 2/Semester 1 is now January 24 and January 27 is now a Certified Work Day. There will be no school at the middle and high school level on January 27. The changes were made to better align the number of instructional hours in the first and second semester at the secondary level.

    2020-2021 School Calendars (Adopted January 14, 2019) 

    Into the foreseeable future, the district will start before Labor Day (the last week of August) as has been the case for the last couple years. The district has made that decision for the following reasons:

    • The calendar change follows both a state and national trend, which better aligns West Linn-Wilsonville with national curriculum, assessments, AP courses for high school students, and also college schedules.
    • Starting prior to Labor Day gives students and teachers in AP courses the necessary time to cover content that is needed for AP testing. AP testing is scheduled by the College Board, which follows east coast start dates that begin before Labor Day.
    • Starting prior to Labor Day balances first and second semester at the secondary level, allowing for nearly equal instructional time. This helps teachers and students cover curriculum content and provides a better educational experience.
    • Starting before Labor Day allows for better schedule alignment of the primary, middle, and high school calendars, so that families with students at different levels experience more consistency.
    • School districts are encouraged by the Oregon School Athletic Association (OSAA) to start in August, to better align with other Oregon schools and the OSAA fall sports schedule.
    • The district wants to consistently start school before Labor Day into the future, so that WLWV families know what to prepare for.

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