Core Values

  • The West Linn-Wilsonville School District community shapes our children's future with knowledge and hope, with tradition and vision. We hold the following beliefs as the foundation of education for our next generation.

    • Professionalized Learning to increase student performance through purposeful experience and reflection, integrating multiple ways of knowing and expressing understanding.
    • Passion for excellence and the development of individual expertise and craftsmanship.
    • Individual and Collaborative Effort knowing that what we do makes a difference for ourselves and our world.
    • Personal and Social Responsibility extending interpersonal concern to the future and stewardship for the Earth and its inhabitants.
    • An Ethical Spirit the commitment to integrity, honesty, trust, fairness, justice, and compassion.Personalized learning is a key for all West Linn-Wilsonville students, including at Willamette Primary.
    • Continuous Improvement reflecting a desire to continually improve and become better.
    • Respect and appreciate the richness that diversity of culture, beliefs, ideas, and experience offers an interdependent community.
    • The Family as the primary support for the learner, while expanding the circle of support through business and community partnerships.


Inclusive Schools

  • Guiding Principles

    In the West Linn-Wilsonville School District, we believe that all students belong.7 Components 2.0

    The evidence from 30 years of educational research shows that all students do better in inclusive settings - including students with and without disabilities.

    We are committed to creating equity and inclusivity throughout our learning communities.

    Promoting inclusive and equitable classrooms involves 7 key components:

    • Effective Physical Spaces
    • Teaching Common Expectations
    • Engagement Strategies
    • Teaching Social-Emotional Skills
    • Relationships with High Expectations
    • Routines, Rituals and Recognition
    • Restorative Practices


    Positive School Communities and Restorative Practices  

    Inclusive and Equitable Learning Communities - Circles Handout with 7 Components Chart

    7 Components of Inclusive and Equitable Learning Communities Chart