Community Partnerships

  • The West Linn-Wilsonville School District Community Partnerships Program enriches K-12 curriculum by linking teachers and students with the world outside of the classroom.

    It helps answer the perennial student questions:

    "Why are we learning this?"

    "What good will come of this learning?"

    Student speaks with community partners



  • How the Program Works

    • Some partnerships are simple one-time, one-class/school visits. Others involve periodic or regular visits to classrooms/schools or even semester or academic year-long collaborative ventures.
    • Community partners may host individual students at their work place for work based learning/youth internships. Or, they may host a class field trip to demonstrate how classroom subject matter is directly applied in their jobs or hobbies. Click here to learn more about the Internship Pathways program.
    • Community Partnerships refers reading and academic volunteers to district schools for year-long weekly one-on-one mentoring with students in grades 1-12.
    • Anyone can suggest a partnership and lend a hand in forming them.

Internship Pathways is Seeking Partners

  • The Internship Pathways Program is Seeking Partners for 2021

     There are three ways a partner can help connect high school students to careers:

    1. HOST-  a remote career-based youth internship at your business or organization
                  (a 30 hour or a 15 hour experience split with another organization)
    2. CHAT- with students during school lunchtime career visits, mentor during their internship, or present to a class
                  (a 1-3 hour commitment)
    3. LEAD-  a remote career tour at your workplace 
                   (1-3 hour commitment)

    Students are interested in gaining knowledge and experience in many career fields including: Agriculture, Construction, Computer Science, Early Childhood Education, Environmental Science, Engineering, Graphic Arts, Health Sciences, Journalism, Photography, Web Design, Videography, and many more!

Thank you to our partners


  • Program Awards & Recognition
    The West Linn-Wilsonville School District Community Partnerships Program has received the following awards and recognition:

    • 1997 Business Education Compact School District Achievement Award (for best innovative curriculum enrichment volunteer program in the Portland-Northwest Oregon-Southern Washington Region)
    • 2002 Business Education Compact School District-Business Award (shared with Mentor Graphics as best school-business collaborative venture program in the Portland-Northwest Oregon-Southern Washington Region)
    • US Department of Education Northwest Region "Innovative Practices in Education" recognition
    • Hundreds of articles have been published in The Oregonian, West Linn Tidings, and Wilsonville Spokesman newspapers about Community Partnerships events and programs
    • Featured in several of Portland's KATU-TV school news broadcasts
    • Many Partnerships Programs have been filmed for local access TV to share with the entire community
    • Program coordinator has been a featured speaker at several regional educational curriculum enrichment conferences and school-business cooperation seminars