Board-Superintendent Operating Agreements

  • Board-Superintendent Operating Agreement

    The purposes of this biennial agreement are to operate collaboratively and create an atmosphere for mutual success and clarify expectations of the Board/Superintendent team.

    Board's Expectations of the Superintendent:

    1. Work toward becoming a team with board members.
    2. Respect and acknowledge the Board’s role in setting policy and overseeing the performance of the Superintendent.
    3. Work with the Board to establish a clear vision for the school district and prepare preliminary goals annually.
    4. Timely inform the Board of all critical information and data including the latest in educational research and important happenings within the district.
    5. Listen closely and provide follow up information to board members on concerns and issues they have referred to the Superintendent to close the communication loop.

    Superintendent’s Expectations of the Board:

    1. Recognition of the Superintendent as the educational leader of the school district, including, careful consideration of each recommendation made by the Superintendent.
    2. Assistance in gaining acceptance and support in the community by in part, sharing the successes and failures of the school system with the Superintendent.
    3. Show district staff the respect and consideration due skilled, professional employees in public and at board meetings.
    4. To increase transparency and set the Board and Superintendent up for success, timely inform the Superintendent of all critical information, data and issues.
    5. Willingness to abide by its own rules, policy and code of ethical conduct, displaying integrity of the highest order.