WLWV District Complaint Process

  • The following is an outline of the West Linn-Wilsonville School District complaint process. The District seeks prompt and equitable resolution of all complaints. Please refer to Board Policy KL for the official district policy. If you have any questions regarding the district's complaint process, please contact Kelly Douglas or 503.673.7034.

    The Board advises the public that the proper channeling of complaints around instruction, discipline, or learning materials is as follows:

    1. Teacher or employee
    2. Principal or supervisor
    3. Appropriate Central Office administrator
    4. Superintendent
    5. Board


    Teacher or Employee

    For specific classroom complaints, issues should first be raised with your student's teacher. This includes incidents involving other students. WLWV teachers are the first line of implementation to make changes that can address particular issues. Many issues can be resolved at the teacher level.

    Principal or Supervisor

    If an issue cannot be resolved at the teacher level, parents and community members are encouraged to contact the building principal or assistant principal. Building leaders can evaluate issues in the context of district direction and policy. Contact information for principals and assistant principals can be found on school websites.

    Appropriate Central Office administrator

    If issues cannot be resolved at the building level, parents and community members can directly contract district administration. Contact the District Office at 503-734-7034 and explain your concern. Patrons will be directed to the proper member of the district leadership team.


    If incidents persist or further information is needed, patrons may contact the superintendent. 

    School Board

    If an incident still has not been resolved, or patrons feel that district administration is impeded by School Board Policy, patrons may contact the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board. Parents and community members can address concerns during regular meetings. School Board members will consider complaints and contact patrons if more information is needed. A written summary of issues or incidents can also be provided.