Middle School Musical


    Happy birthday to our beautiful Assistant Director, Gillian Lane❤️
    Thursday, February 2
    BIG rehearsal today! West Linn High School 4-6:30 (meet in the auditorium!)
    From L Cast we need: Sebastian, Mersisters (sorry, you were accidentally left off the list this morning!), Sea Creature Ensemble, Windward, Leeward, Pilot, Louis, Flounder, Scuttle, Eel/Seagull Ensemble
    From T Cast we need: Sebastian, Sea Creature Ensemble, Eel/Seagull Ensemble, Windward, Leeward, Scuttle, Pilot, Louis
    Music ("Positoovity"/L) and DOUBLE choreo ("Kiss the Girl"/T and "Under the Sea"/L) and yes, we know about the the Rosemont concert and that many of our actors will be leaving rehearsal early. 🙂
    Athey - #40
    Rosemont - #29
    Meridian - #400
    Wood - #10
    Tentative Calendars:

    Weekly Update 4 (January 30-February 3)

    Rehearsal Bus Numbers by Middle School!

    TENTATIVE January Full Rehearsal Calendar - Mermaid

    TENTATIVE February (TBA) Rehearsal Calendar - Mermaid (REVISED 2/1/2023)

    TENTATIVE March/April Rehearsal and Performance Calendar - Mermaid 


    Performance Dates (by Cast):

    Thursday 4/13  - L Cast 
    Friday 4/14 - T Cast 
    Saturday 4/15 (mat) - T Cast 
    Saturday 4/15 (eve) - L Cast
    Monday 4/17 - L Cast
    Tuesday 4/18 - T Cast 
    All performances will take place at West Linn High School 

    Cast Lists 2023


    Fundraising information for "The Little Mermaid" - please see below or visit this link

    Fundraising Flyer 22-23

    Please contact Julie Lane at lanej@wlwv.k12.or.us for information about the Middle School Musical 
    Performances will take place at West Linn High School - April 13, 14, 15 (matinee and evening), 17, 18, 2023

    WLHS Tech Theatre Video for Middle Schoolers (link)!

    If you are a fan of theatre and want to see the coolest video of what goes on behind the scenes, take a look at this short production!  Each year, the Middle School Musical Tech Crew is made up of high school students, from both large district high schools (mostly MSM alumni!), who take the reins when it comes to literally putting on the show!  Actors, techies and parents:  prepare to be impressed at what our tech folks can do!  (Three of the four experts in this video are former MSM actors - Congratulations to the graduating class of 2021!)  A million thanks to Jon Ares, Performing Arts Technical Coordinator at West Linn High School, for sharing this video!





    Fundraising Information
    The Middle School Musical is and has always been self-sustaining financially.  Even with our amazing volunteers and our judicious spending on costumes, set construction and everything else, it still takes funds to "put on a show"!  If you would like to scholarship a child's participation in the Middle School Musical, please contact Julie Lane at lanej@wlwv.k12.or.us  All donations are tax-deductible.  If you know of an organization or individual who would like to SPONSOR the Middle School Musical, please let us know.  We welcome any and all donations!  Also, if you have a special knack for fundraising....please contact us!!  Thanks for your support of the West Linn-Wilsonville Middle School Musical!!