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    District Facilities to Remain Closed Until Phase 2


    The West Linn-Wilsonville School District has received questions from the community regarding the plans for reopening school fields, playgrounds, gardens, common spaces, gyms, and other school facilities for public and/or recreational use during the summer.


    As of May 28, Clackamas County has entered into Phase 1 of its reopening plan. While the plan increases the limit of gatherings to 25, schools and school campuses are to remain closed. Additionally, the Governor’s most recent Executive Order 20-25, specifically states that Executive Order 20-20 regarding K-12 schools, is still in effect.


    EO 20-20 states that “public schools shall limit school facility operations only to essential functions, consistent with any social distancing requirements set forth by Oregon Health Authority”. Most requests we are receiving for recreational use or sports activities do not fall in the “essential function” category.


    The District Safety Leadership Team continues to actively review all forms of guidance and liability parameters set forth by the Governor’s Office, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Clackamas County Health, Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA), and PACE (school district insurance provider). Each of these agencies have conditions and protocols that must be met before school districts can reopen under Phase I.


    To reduce the risk to our students, staff, and community to the greatest extent possible, the District will keep all sites and facilities closed until a well-designed plan can be developed and communicated to all of our students, staff, patrons, city officials, law enforcement, and the district’s insurance provider.


    At this time, the West Linn-Wilsonville School District is remaining closed to any school-sponsored or community-sponsored activities or events until Clackamas County enters Phase 2.


    The district will continue to keep the community informed, subject to meeting all regulatory guidelines. Once we have a better anticipated date to safely re-open under Executive Order, we will be in touch about how the district will ask groups to comply with OHA requirements to keep users safe. Until then, all district sites and facilities remain closed.


    Local law enforcement will continue to monitor parks and playgrounds and enforce closures.


    We thank our community for your patience and understanding as we work to make our spaces available and enjoyable once again.


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    We are committed to making district both facilities and fields available for academic, recreational, cultural, and social activities to enhance the lives of local area residents. After-school events are provided through a partnership with the following organizations:

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