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  • School Sites and Facilities Remain Closed through June

    Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 6/1/2020 9:00:00 AM

    The West Linn-Wilsonville School District has received questions from the community regarding the plans for reopening school fields, playgrounds, gardens, common spaces, gyms, and other school facilities for public and/or recreational use during the summer.

    As of May 28, Clackamas County has entered into Phase 1 of its reopening plan. While the plan increases the limit of gatherings to 25, schools and school campuses are to remain closed. Additionally, the Governor’s most recent Executive Order 20-25, specifically states that Executive Order 20-20 regarding K-12 schools, is still in effect.

    EO 20-20 states that “public schools shall limit school facility operations only to essential functions, consistent with any social distancing requirements set forth by Oregon Health Authority”. Most requests we are receiving for recreational use or sports activities do not fall in the “essential function” category.

    The District Safety Leadership Team is actively reviewing all forms of guidance and liability parameters set forth by the Governor’s Office, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Clackamas County Health, Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA), and PACE (school district insurance provider). Each of these agencies have conditions and protocols that must be met before school districts can reopen under Phase I.

    To reduce the risk to our students, staff, and community to the greatest extent possible, the District will keep all sites and facilities closed until a well-designed plan can be developed and communicated to all of our students, staff, patrons, city officials, law enforcement, and the district’s insurance provider.

    At this time, the West Linn-Wilsonville School District is remaining closed to any school-sponsored or community-sponsored activities or events through July 5, with one exception: high school graduation ceremonies which have been approved by OHA, ODE and city officials.

    The district will tentatively plan to reopen sites and facilities beginning July 13, subject to meeting all regulatory guidelines. Until then, all district sites and facilities remain closed.

    Local law enforcement will continue to monitor parks and playgrounds and enforce closures.

    We thank our community for your patience and understanding as we work to make our spaces available and enjoyable once again.

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  • Willamette Fourth-Grade Shares Powerful Message with Her Own Children's Book Series, "Katie Not Afraidy"

    Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 5/15/2020 3:00:00 PM

    "Katie Not Afraidy" was written by Willamette fourth-grader DJ Perkins.  Willamette fourth-grader DJ Perkins reads her story to Willamette students.

    Delilah Joy “DJ” Perkins isn’t your typical fourth-grade student at Willamette Primary. She’s also an accomplished children’s book author. Three years ago, DJ started writing “Katie Not Afraidy”, an inspiring story that draws on her own experiences with anxiety. DJ bravely opened up to her mother, Gina, about her desire to share her story with her peers, ultimately leading to a book that will benefit children just like herself for years to come.

    “Katie Not Afraidy” is a book about childhood anxiety and is based on a fictional character, Katie, processing and overcoming strong emotions. DJ and Gina released the first edition in November 2017 and DJ read it to her classmates in 2nd grade. Shortly after, they decided to complete a rhyming second edition. DJ teamed up with professional illustrator, Kristina Yu, owner and creator of Cheery Human Studios to create beautiful, authentic images representative of childhood anxiety. They also partnered with professional children’s book editor, Kimberly Martin, to make sure the book was well-received at all grade levels.

    After self-publishing and printing the second edition, DJ worked with teachers and staff at Willamette Primary to schedule readings of “Katie Not Afraidy” in different classrooms. She plans to share her story in more classrooms across the District when schools reopen. More recently she has conducted several online readings hoping to help teachers virtually who are looking for creative curriculum ideas. She wants to serve as a guest in teachers’ online learning environments and, after each book reading, talk to students about how to manage strong emotions and send messages of confidence.

    “I want to tell others, you are never too young to fulfill your dreams,” she says.

    Gina Perkins, co-author, could not be more proud of her daughter’s journey. “I know I'm a proud mama, but the creativity I've seen DJ's story ignite in her peers has been really amazing,” Gina says.

    DJ and Gina partnered with Willamette Teacher-Librarian Claire Baker to record a trailer video accessible to other students in the District. They hope to produce more videos and schedule virtual book readings in the future. For now, they are thinking about how they can help their community in a positive way.

    In a recent video addressed to parents and educators, Gina shared how her family has “given a lot of thought to how they show up with what they have to serve who they can during this time.”

    Both believe they can make a positive impact on students across the District by scheduling virtual book readings and continuing to share DJ’s story.

    “One thing I want other children to know through writing this book is that they too can make a difference,” DJ says, “We are the heroes of our own stories; our own truth queens and kings. Our story bugs can’t stop us from being who we were created to be.”

    You can learn more about DJ's story at

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  • West Linn-Wilsonville’s Brittany Bucholz Receives Super Heart Hero Ambassador Award

    Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 4/29/2020 12:00:00 PM

    Brittany Bucholz connects with families.

    Every May, Clackamas County celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month by honoring community members for their contributions to the field of behavioral health. Nobody is more deserving than West Linn-Wilsonville Student Support and Outreach Specialist Brittany Bucholz, who was recently awarded the Super Heart Hero Ambassador Award for her contributions to mental health across the school district.

    “Brittany joined the West Linn-Wilsonville school district almost four years ago and has had a tremendous impact on our students, staff, and families,” said Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Spencer-Iiams. “She created a program for supporting our students with the most significant mental health needs in the district by developing strong relationships, bringing forward appropriate resources, and directly supporting students in crisis.”

    Brittany is a key member of the district’s Crisis Response Flight Team and has been pivotal in revising the district’s comprehensive suicide prevention program. She also represents the district on county groups such as the Children of Incarcerated Parents. She also helped develop a series of parent education nights with her fellow social workers. The education nights titled Anxiety 101, Anxiety 102, and Calm & Connected Parenting deepened partnerships with parents and empowered families in promoting positive mental health.

    Brittany is also one of the district’s QPR trainers, providing suicide prevention and response training to staff and community members across West Linn-Wilsonville. She has continued to connect with students and provide crucial mental health support during these challenging times.

    “Every day Brittany connects with students, supports staff, and helps parents navigate the community mental health system,” Dr. Spencer-Iiams said. “She is a true champion of mental health in our community!”

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  • Staff, Community Surprise Class of 2020 Seniors With Special Gift

    Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 4/27/2020 9:00:00 AM

    Students show off yard signs delivered by staff.  Staff pass out yard signs to students.   Students celebrate their new yard signs.

    Class of 2020 Seniors were greeted with a special surprise on Thursday, April 23, when high school staff members hand-delivered special signs to commemorate their upcoming graduation. Thank you to our high school staff, grad party committees, and community partners for providing and delivering special yard signs to every senior at West Linn, Wilsonville, and Arts and Technology high school this morning! Staff surprised students with signs and special notes, reminding students how much we care about them. All three West Linn-Wilsonville high schools will hold graduation celebrations in June. Details are still being worked through to ensure the best possible experience for the Class of 2020. 

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  • West Linn-Wilsonville Students and Staff Create PPE Equipment for Health Professionals, Seeking Donated Materials to Continue

    Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 4/6/2020 9:00:00 AM

    Students created PPE to donate to local health professionals.   Wilsonville robotics students created PPE equipment for local health professionals.

    With continued efforts across the nation to slow the spread of COVID-19, many West Linn-Wilsonville students and staff have spent their increased time at home to help combat the global pandemic.

    Robotics students from Wilsonville and West Linn High Schools, in particular, have stepped up in a big way in recent weeks. Students from both schools, who compete in the First Robotics Competition league during the school year, started out by using their unique skillsets to create Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for health professionals and first responders.

    While students from West Linn’s Team 7034 To Be Determined and Wilsonville’s Team 1425 Error Code Xero spend the competition season as friendly rivals, they’ve turned teammates in the common fight against COVID-19.  Creating much-needed equipment for Health Professionals across the Portland Metro area, students have used 3-D Printing technology to manufacture face shields and other PPE parts and masks for healthcare professionals at Meridian Park Hospital and OHSU.

    With the robotics season still in flux, it would have been natural for robotics students to become dismayed, but the talented group instead set their efforts on helping those on the frontlines across the region.

    Using resources from across the district, and thanks to donations from community partners such as the West Linn Public Library, students, staff members, and parent volunteers have continued to produce PPE equipment throughout the extended closure. But after days of work, students are now running out of school resources to continue creating PPE equipment. Students are seeking filament from the West Linn-Wilsonville. To donate to their cause, please contact Team 7023 at or Team 1425 at

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  • Technology Device Pick-Up Instructions

    Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 3/31/2020 3:00:00 PM

    This week we will be providing Chromebooks to families who have requested them. Please read through the following information carefully as we get ready to distribute Chromebooks. These devices will be provided for the duration of the extended closure and will need to be returned at the conclusion of the closure.


    While we do have enough devices, we ask that students check out devices only if they are really needed. We encourage siblings to share a Chromebook if possible.

    At this time, we are loaning out only Chromebooks. No other types of devices will be loaned out. If you have other specific needs, please work through your teacher and school administrators to either find alternatives or work out other details.

    If you have children from multiple schools and need a device for each, we respectfully ask that you visit each of the schools’ loan-out times. By doing this, we can best ensure that the devices get back to where they belong when this event is over.

    If you cannot make it to your school’s allotted time slot, you may visit one of the other school pick up times. Please don’t do this unless absolutely necessary. If you cannot make it to any of the time slots, please fill out this form ( and we will make one-on-one arrangements to meet you at a later date/time.


    If you are coming to a primary school, please do your best to know your child’s teacher and ask your student which Chromebook they normally use at school. For example, if your student uses computer 7 in Mrs. Johnson’s cart, that information is helpful. The district will do it’s best to provide primary level students with the device that they normally use at school. 


    We do not yet have mobile Internet devices (hotspots) for checkout. For those homes that indicated a need for internet access, we will contact you directly when we have them. We will work through distribution of internet hotspots at that time. For now, please take a look at this page ( that outlines alternatives for getting internet access.


    We intend for the loan-out process to be a drive-thru experience. This will ensure appropriate social distancing and will also help with weather considerations as we execute this task outside of the school building. 

    Parents and/or students will be asked to stay in their car during the device check out process. We will have enough devices on hand. Please do not arrive before your designated window of time.

    When you get to table 1, you will be invited to put on a pair of gloves. We will ask you to identify your student and will provide a loan-out agreement form, along with a separate half-sheet that you will use to acknowledge receipt of the agreement and the device. Staff will then direct you to pull forward to the next spot, giving you time to review the loan-out agreement. At primary schools, we will ask if you know which device your student uses at school. A staff member will then leave to retrieve the device and you will pull forward to the last stop in the process. At this stop, you will put your signed acknowledgment receipt in a tub. We will record the device’s service tag and provide you with your student’s device.  

    Please realize that our focus will be on distributing devices during this process. This will not be the time to seek technical help or guidance. These devices have been disinfected and cleaned, but they have not been used for two weeks and could be low on battery. If you experience any issues, please let us know by filling out this form ( and we will work with you to fix any issues, including to arrange a swap of devices if necessary. Please be patient as we do this. You can also use the above form if you experience other technical problems such as forgotten passwords or log-in information.

    Thank you for your patience and help in making this process successful. Please see the school-by-school pick-up schedule below. Devices are to be picked up at your student’s school within the allotted window of time.


    Thursday, April 2 from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m.

    West Linn High

    Wilsonville High

    Inza Wood Middle

    Rosemont Ridge Middle

    Thursday, April 2 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

    Boones Ferry Primary

    Cedaroak Park Primary

    Athey Creek Middle

    Meridian Creek Middle

    Friday, April 3 from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m.

    Arts and Technology High

    Boeckman Creek Primary

    Stafford Primary

    Lowrie Primary

    Friday, April 3 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

    Bolton Primary

    Sunset Primary

    Trillium Creek Primary

    Willamette Primary

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  • West Linn-Wilsonville to Offer Free Community Suicide Prevention Training

    Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 2/27/2020 9:00:00 AM

    West Linn-Wilsonville staff will offer free training in Question, Persuade Refer (QPR) Suicide Prevention Training on March 10. The free training will be offered from 9-11 a.m. at the District Office; 22210 SW Stafford Road, Tualatin.

    The training session is taught by licensed District Clinical Social Workers and teaches skills that help with recognition when someone is thinking about suicide and how to refer individuals for additional support. Just like how you don’t need to be a licensed paramedic to learn and administer CPR, you don’t need to be a licensed counselor to help a person who is thinking about suicide.

    Registration for the free training is required, and all participants must be 18 years or older. To register, please go to


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  • Meridian Creek Leadership Students Partner with Soles4Souls in School's Most Ambitious Fundraising Initiative Yet

    Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 2/19/2020 2:00:00 PM

    Meridian Creek Middle School students collect donations at the MCMS Community Night.

    The Meridian Creek Middle School Leadership Team has grown in both size and impact since the school opened in 2017-18. Leadership students spent the majority of the first two years at Meridian Creek building school culture, engaging mostly in school-based activities and fundraising campaigns.

    But with high school fast-approaching, the 2019-20 Eighth Grade Class wanted to do something a little different before finishing their middle school careers. Their goal is to leave a legacy of giving. In fact, the leadership team’s latest mission aims to benefit people on a global scale.

    Meridian Creek students have partnered with Soles4Souls, a national non-profit organization with Wilsonville roots. The company collects shoes and clothing to distribute to those in need across the world while fighting poverty by helping people launch and sustain small businesses.

    “Most of the fundraising our leadership team has done has been more focused on our school,” said seventh-grade leadership student Lily Vu. “We wanted to show students that we can make a bigger impact on the world while also helping our local community.”

    Meridian Creek will kick off its fundraising efforts on Thursday, Feb. 20 at a school-wide assembly. Canby High School student and Soles4Souls Volunteer Rachel Bigej will visit with students to share her experiences and the difference she’s been able to make across the world. Rachel organized her first shoe drive at age 10, volunteering with Soles4Souls ever since.

    “We want to inspire the entire school and so we thought to bring in a student to show what kind of difference we can make could help do that,” said eighth-grade leadership student Lily Scanlan. “We’re going to turn the fundraiser into a class competition to start out with a bang and collect as many donations as possible.”

    Meridian Creek will collect donations from students through March 4 and encourage Wilsonville residents to participate as well. Unwanted shoes or clothing can be dropped off at the Meridian Creek front office and students will make sure all items are transported to Soles4Souls. When Meridian Creek students have finished the fundraising portion, students plan to visit the Wilsonville Soles4Souls facility to help package their donations.

    “Our goal is to fill an entire bus with shoes,” said seventh-grade leadership student Jack Jensen. “We want to help as many people as possible.”

    After months of thoughtful preparation, leadership students say they’re thrilled to get the ambitious fundraiser underway. Eighth-Grade students hope the project serves as a catalyst for the leadership team at Meridian Creek Middle School, setting the stage for current sixth- and seventh-graders to build on this year’s hard work.

    “We want to bring things full circle and do as much as we can to help,” Caleb said. “We hope other students can continue to work with Soles4Souls next year and build up the leadership team at Meridian.”

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  • Superintendent Dr. Kathy Ludwig Named 2020 OALA Tom Ruhl Ally Award Recipient

    Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 2/14/2020 3:00:00 PM

    Superintendent Dr. Kathy Ludwig was honored with the Tom Ruhl Award.

    West Linn-Wilsonville Superintendent Dr. Kathy Ludwig was recently named the 2020 Tom Ruhl Ally Award Recipient by the Oregon Association for Latino Administrators. Dr. Ludwig was presented with the award during the 2020 OALA Winter Conference on Saturday, February 8 at Grant High School.

    The Tom Ruhl Ally Award is presented every year to non-Latino OALA members who have exhibited leadership in the areas of equity and cultural competence. Recognized leaders have implemented strategies or activities that align with OALA’s mission, purpose, and goals in their district.

    During her 20-plus years with the West Linn-Wilsonville School District, serving as superintendent since 2016, Dr. Ludwig has led pivotal equity work across the district’s 16 schools, beginning with a District Equity Action Plan. Under Dr. Ludwig’s leadership, the district has prioritized disrupting systems of racism, building school communities that are safe and welcoming for all students, and cultivating a district staff that reflects students in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District through intentional hiring processes and professional development.  

    The Oregon Association for Latino Administrators was formed in 2002 to create a vehicle to support and mentor Latino Administrators as well as Latino educators who aspire to become administrators in the State of Oregon. The association has grown exponentially over the past 16 years, increasing the capacity of Latino educators across the state while building equity for all students.

    OALA’s goals include promoting Latino educators into leadership positions; ensuring educational equity for all students and especially those of Latino heritage; advocating at the federal, state, and local level for equitable educational policies impacting Latino students; disseminating data related to the changing demographics and their implications for schools in Oregon; developing strategic partnerships with organizations throughout Oregon that acknowledge and support the accomplishments of Latino youth; and providing opportunities to build the capacity in the organization and of its members.

    The West Linn-Wilsonville School District is an Institutional Sponsor of the OALA Conference, helping to push the organization’s pivotal mission while increasing the capacity of Latino educators and administrators across the district and larger State. In addition to the district’s involvement in OALA, Lowrie Primary Principal Sarita Amaya serves as Vice President and Bolton Primary Principal Edgar Solares serves as a member at large on the OALA Board.

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  • Sale Results — West Linn-Wilsonville Sells General Obligation Bonds

    Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 2/14/2020 9:00:00 AM

    The West Linn-Wilsonville School District sold $147.9 million of the district’s General Obligation (GO) Bond authorization on Wednesday, Feb. 12. The bond was approved by voters in the November 2019 Election.

    Due to high investor interest, the District sold $147.9 million in bonds but will receive $158.1 million for capital projects to be completed over the next few years. The remaining $58.9 million of the $206.8 million bond measure will be sold at a future date to complete the remaining capital projects outlined in the bond measure.

    “Because of low interest rates in the market and the attractiveness of the District’s bonds, Wednesday’s sale resulted in a premium that the District can use for projects outlined in the bond measure,” said Chief Financial Officer Son Le Hughes.

    The bond proceeds from the Feb. 12 sale will result in several key projects across the West Linn-Wilsonville School District. Capital projects will address overcrowding across the District, increase Career and Technical Education opportunities for students, increase safety and security, upgrade technology, and fund several other projects District-wide.

    Major projects include a new primary school in Wilsonville, stadium and parking upgrades at West Linn High School, construction of a new Athey Creek Middle School in West Linn, relocation of the district’s third option high school to the existing Athey Creek Middle School building, and construction of a new performing arts center at Wilsonville High School among others.

    In addition to the sale of GO bonds, the District executed a “refunding sale” agreement to save borrowing costs through lower interest rates. The refunding sale pertains to a bond measure approved by voters in 2014, saving West Linn-Wilsonville residents approximately $4.8 million.

    “The District is grateful for the financial support of the community and is committed to managing bond funds responsibly,” Hughes said. “With this sale of bond proceeds, the District is excited to now focus on planning and construction of the capital projects outlined in the bond measure.”

    To learn more about the 2019 Capital Bond, or to subscribe for capital bond updates and communications, please visit the Bond Website.

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