Long Range Planning Committee Reviews 2019 Capital Bond Progress

Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 10/20/2022 10:00:00 AM

The Long Range Planning Committee held a quarterly meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 19, at West Linn High School. The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC), which also serves as the district’s Bond Oversight Committee, reviewed the 2019 Capital Bond Quarter Three Report and continued ongoing conversations about district-wide properties. 

The Quarter Three report showed the 2019 Capital Bond Program forecasted over/under was reduced by more than 4$ million during the past quarter. Bond Manager Remo Douglas shared that the construction industry continues to experience challenges stemming from material procurement, labor shortage, supply chain issues, increasing fuel costs, and rising labor and material costs. The district is continuing with its cost management work, however, and is encouraged by recent trends.

As of the Quarter Three Report, the District had committed more than 77 percent of current funding, with a total of $105.5 million spent thus far. The bond program is on track to fulfill state requirements for spending 85 percent of funds within 36 months of receipt, with the sale of remaining bonds on track for December 2022. 

WLWV staff provided progress updates on the 2019 Capital Bond’s major projects, all of which are on schedule. In particular, LRPC members reviewed the district’s new Athey Creek Middle School project and Wilsonville High School Performing Arts Center. The Wilsonville High Performing Arts Center is on track to open in January, while the exterior walls of the new middle school are going up in early November. 

LRPC members also toured the recently-completed West Linn High School stadium and parking lot project, which has been enjoyed by students and community members during the fall athletic season. The Long Range Planning Committee will next convene on January 18, 2023. To review the Q3 Report, please visit the district website