Rosemont Ridge Middle School

Track Meet Protocols
1. All students participating in track meets must ride the bus with the team.
2. Students are encouraged to bring water and snacks to track meets. There is often a snack booth also available at most sites.
3. Students should bring all needed school items to the track meet. They will not be permitted back into the school building.
4. If parents wish to leave with students (during or after the meet), you must check out with your coach. Athletes may leave when they have finished events.
5. Any athlete leaving with a parent that is not their own must have written consent.
6. Track athletes are expected to represent RRMS well and follow all school rules during track meets.
7.  As with other school sponsored activities, students must be in school all day to participate.  
Track will begin Tuesday following Spring Break. Practice will be daily from 3:45-5:00pm. The following forms need to be returned to the office prior to students beginning:
1. Participant Agreement
2.  Physical Examination Form
3.  Emergency Information Sheet
All forms can be found on the Rosemont website at the following link: Athletic Forms 
There is also a $75.00 fee for Track if your child did not participate in Cross Country, Nuance, Jazz Band or Honor Band.


MEET SCHEDULE (some locations and dates may be subject to change):

Day Location Time

April 17 
Rosemont Ridge MS 4:30

April 23
Lake Oswego HS   4:30

April 29
Sherwood HS

May 8
Rosemont Ridge MS

May 13
Athey Creek MS

May 22
Districts at Wilsonville HS