• Medication

    Can my child receive medication at school?

    Yes. Any medication that is necessary for your child to be able to remain in school. All medications must be brought to the school by a parent or guardian with the proper paperwork. We are unable to accept medications brought in by students.

    What are the procedures I must follow?

    The parent or guardian must complete the Authorization for Medication Administration Form. You can pick up these forms in the school office, or print off at home from the list below.

    A physician's signature is required for all prescription medications. This may be in the form of a current prescription label.

    All medication must come in the original container.  The label must include the name of the student, medication, dosage instructions, and the name and phone number of the physician.
    The parent or guardian must provide all supplies necessary for proper administration of the medication.  Medication dosing spoons and precut pills are required.

    All over the counter medicines required during school hours and necessary for the child to remain in school require completion of the medication assistance form also. The medication provided must be in the original labeled container with the age appropriate dosing instructions.

    Some medications can be carried by the student for self-administration. These are special circumstances to discuss with your school nurse. A Self-Medication Agreement Form must be filed in the school office with a Medication Administration Form.


    The school nurses work closely with parents and school staff to keep students safe and healthy at school.  Parents of students with life threatening allergies are encouraged to speak with their school nurse regarding safeguards available at school.

    We are committed to maintaining a safe school environment for all students. For details about allergy awareness, see our Guidance about Allergy Awareness and Nut-Free Tables