Tech Tools for Staff

  • GroupWise WebAccess

    This enables you to access your GroupWise email from off-site. Note that you do NOT provide your full email address to log in. Simply provide your username - this is the part of your email address that is in front of the @ sign.

    Go to GroupWise WebAccess by clicking the following icon or the Staff Email link in the header of this page.

    Groupwise-logo OR


    Retain - email archive

    Sign in with your Groupwise credentials to access an archive of all your district email.  Email usually takes a few days to transfer to the archive. Click the icon below:


    This will provide "lookup" access for information about students for school office workers. In addition, Teachers' Integrated Gradebook can be accessed via the weblink below, including for all input of data.

    Online Password Changer

    The Online Password Changer allows you to change your 
    password (note that this is not necessarily the same as your GroupWise password) through a webpage without needing to use a Windows PC with the Novell client.

    Google Apps for WLWV Staff 

    Staff have access to our Google Docs/Drive/Apps system. Your username is your full GroupWise email address. You can get your password from your IT staff or local Teacher-Librarian.
    Note that confidential student information should NOT be included in any Google-hosted document or system.
    You can gain access using the links below:
    Drive  (opens in new window)
    Docs:  (opens in new window)
    Sheets  (opens in new window)
    Slides  (opens in new window)
    Calendar (opens in new window)
    Contacts (opens in new window)
    Classroom (opens in new window)
    ** Teachers and Staff should never publish recognizable pictures of students under age 12 on the web. And, only pictures of students over 12 whose parents have NOT objected should be used as well. Consult with office staff at your school about this specific setting on a per-student basis. 
    Note that WLWV staff do NOT use the email component of G Suite for Education. Emails created from and for things like sharing documents will come directly into your GroupWise account.

    Connect to WLWV Cloud

    Connecting to the WLWV Storage Cloud allows you to access our school district's centralized storage facilities. These utilities will work within the school district network.
    Connect to WLWV Cloud for PC / Disconnect from WLWV Cloud for PCDownload both of these utilities and then create convenient shortcuts to them

    iPad: FileBrowser app

    Obtain the app called "File Browser" from the AppStore on the iPad to access our centralized storage systems. The app is not free and must be purchased in the AppStore. Instructions for setting up and using the FileBrowser app.

    Android: WebDAV File Manager

    Download the free app called "WebDAV File Manager". There are many WebDAV clients for Android - this particular one is that we have used and found success with. There have been others that we have tested that did NOT work. Instructions for setting up and using the FileBrowser app.


    NetStorage allows you to access files located at school. Using NetStorage, you can download and work on files located on any of the drives you can access at school.

    NetStorage provides two ways to access your files, via a modern web-browser, or via WebDAV using a WebDAV client. Look below to see which one is right for you.

    Browser-based WebDav
    • Supports any modern web browser (Mozilla 1.7, Mozilla Firefox, Safari 1.0, or Internet Explorer 6)
    • Does not require any configuration or software to be installed.
    • Allows you to upload, download, move, copy, delete, and salvage files.
    • Does not allow you to upload multiple files at a time.
    • Does not allow file access directly from within Microsoft Office applications.

    Choose browser-based...

    • ... when you are using someone else's computer or a public workstation.
    • ... when you need quick access to single files from your network drives.
    • Uses a WebDAV client (There is a WebDAV client built into Windows 2000/XP)
    • Requires one-time set up of WebDAV URL in Windows.
    • Allows you to upload, download, create folders, move, copy, and delete files.
    • Allows you to upload/download multiple files and folders at a time.
    • Allows you to access files directly from within MS Office's  Open and Save dialogs.

    Choose WebDAV...

    • ... when you are using your own computer, and will need frequent access to your network files.
    • ... when you need to upload/download multiple files at once.
    • ... when you want to access your network files directly from within Microsoft Office applications' Open and Save dialog boxes.

    NetStorage (Browser-Based)

    You should now use your school district provided Novell network username (the first part of your email address) and network password to gain access to these updated tools.

    Primary School NetStorage Access

    Middle School NetStorage Access

    High School NetStorage Access

    Other Netstorage Access


    Once you have gained access, you should have access to all of your network drives and directories as if you were at school. Note that your H drive shows up listed as "Home".

    When using NetStorage, you need to realize that you will be transferring files between your local computer at home and your network directories at school. If you try to access a file on the network drives, you will be prompted to download it. You can then make any changes desired, then use the "File" menu to re-upload it.

    You will likely find the "Folder View" button useful in helping to determine where you are at any point in time.

    Access to your network-based storage locations on the district file servers. When prompted for the username and password, the username is your GroupWise email account (including the and your password is your network password.

    Click the following icon to access NetStorage: NetStorage

    GroupWise Third Party Email Client Setup

    GroupWise can work with virtually any 3rd party email client for sending and receiving email.
    Email Receiving Settings:
    Set up the client as an IMAP client (not as a POP) client. These settings will allow you to receive email.
    IMAP Address:
    IMAP Port: 143
    SSL: Enabled
    Username: Full Email Address (eg:
    Password: GroupWise Password
    Email Sending Settings: 
    To be able to send email from your phone, you need to set up the Sending system.
    SMTP Address:
    Port: 587
    SMTP Authentication: Enabled
    SSL: Enabled
    Username: Full Email Address  (eg:
    Password: GroupWise Password

    GWAVA GroupWise Quarantine

    This enables you to access your quarantined email. Quarantined email is email that was determined to be suspicious in nature and thus was held. Use your GroupWise Email Account ( as the username and your GroupWise password to gain access.

    Click the following icon to access GroupWise Quarantine: GWAVA email quarantine manager

    GroupWise Messenger

    Download, install, and use the Instant Messaging system that integrates with our network.

    Click the following icon to access GroupWise Messenger: Groupwise Messenger


    This utility is designed to allow users to print to network printers in the district/building from home. You will download the iPrint Client and install it first. Then, restart your computer, come back to here, then click the link to the printer you want to print to. The driver will be downloaded and installed on your local hard drive.

    All iPrint Printers are now available from the same server:

    Useful iPad/iPhone Profiles for Staff  

    These are a few useful profiles for use with iPads. From your iPad, click on the link and you should be prompted to install the profile.

    If you need help removing a previously loaded profile, contact your IT Specialist or submit a trouble ticket.

    GroupWise Email Setup for iPad/iPhone: This profile inserts most of the settings needed to set up your GroupWise email on your iPad as an IMAP client. Now, SSL secured. If you have the old one (above - non-SSL), remove it and click the link to load the SSL-enabled one.

    Enable Access to Apple iCloud: This profile will remove the restriction from being able to use the Apple iCloud.