Information Technology

  • The Department of Information Services is charged with providing and maintaining the various technologically-based systems in the school district. In addition, the department provides support services intended to make the technology not only functional, but productive as well.
    Like technology's impact in the business world, we believe technology can be a key piece to the realization of a new teaching and learning environment that will provide another means for educational experiences to be deepened and enlivened.
    Our Theory of Action...
    If we…
    • Align uses and practices to the district’s mission, vision, and goals,
    • Support teachers and staff in this pursuit,
    • Promote innovation and not be stuck in “the current”,
    • Help create connections and bridges,
    • Use tech to create and to wonder, and to exhibit learning,
    • Minimize necessary outside classroom requirements while increasing accuracy and reducing associated workload,
    • Keep end-user devices operational,
    • Make tech more personal and increase access,
    Then we will experience the incredible power of our technology to enhance education.

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